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Industry data models serve as maps to an organization's information.  Whether you're traveling or designing a data warehouse, maps and models can help you navigate the environment and home in on the details that could influence or affect your journey.

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As the range of available communications services expands to encompass Internet, cable and satellite, it’s critical to have a single, comprehensive view of your customers. You need a solution that allows you to efficiently capture, store and analyze that data to support your vital initiatives.

Teradata Communications Data Model represents enterprise data, data relationships, topic areas and business rules and can help you define how different types of data relate to each other. The industry data model works in conjunction with Teradata Communication Data Integration Roadmap in planning and identifying the next most valuable data to source in perspective with your corporate goals and strategies.

Features & Benefits

New features in the current release of Teradata Communications Data Model include support for:

  • Customer tenure across all service types and subscription levels
  • Pre- and Post-paid mobile usage and analytics 
  • Detailed analysis of network activity, including incomplete calls by route
  • Retail store operations, including a full view of customer activity by multiple dimensions.
  • Quality of service indicators by destination and route
  • Profitability by route, destination and carrier
  • Customer service level agreement compliance
  • Switch capacity levels
  • Near-real-time customer-level network performance
  • Order management from order intake to provisioning to delivery
  • Product inventory for more effective supply chain management of both retail and provisioning inventories
  • Call centers, including a full view of the customer and an ability to determine effectiveness of inbound and outbound call centers based on revenue and customer satisfaction by product, campaign, agent and customer segment

Primary Components

Teradata Communications Data Model has twelve subject areas and more than 1,900 entities in 156 facets that support analytics for key business process areas including:

  • Revenue Management
  • Network Management
  • Business Performance Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Call Center Management
  • Content Assurance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Information Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Settlements Assurance
  • Promotion Management and Marketing
  • Point-of-Sale Transactions and Detail
  • Web Commerce and Interactions
  • Location-based Event Analysis
  • Social Network Analytics
  • Forecast and Scoring
  • Financial Management
  • Payroll, Personnel and Labor Distribution

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