The CDC is offering billions in grants.

The COVID-19 epidemic exposed the flaws in many older public sector systems. Siloed public health data systems meant crucial information was difficult to analyze and disseminate. States realized they needed real-time, response-ready data—data that wasn’t there when they most needed it. Never again. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) is offering the Strengthening U.S. Public Health Infrastructure, Workforce, and Data Systems Grant—a $3 billion data modernization initiative. With this money, states can set up sustainable data systems, ensuring interdepartmental communication, analysis and prediction of health trends, data-backed recommendations, and much more. But you must act fast. The grant applications are open June through mid-August 2022. Writing a complex government grant proposal in a short time frame with so much at stake is challenging. Teradata, with more than 40 years of success in public sector health data systems, can help you navigate the process. Read more about the American Rescue Plan grant and how data modernization can set your state up for success, then contact us today.

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Get the blueprint for a response-ready public health analytic ecosystem.

Explore how to build a foundation for data sharing across public health that can deliver actionable intelligence for operational, response-ready decision-making. This architectural blueprint shows how states, territory, local, and tribal public health departments with Teradata Vantage™ can:

  • Maintain a secure, sustainable, and open analytic ecosystem
  • Enable interoperable data sharing with data exchanges
  • Improve public health equity in their communities
  • Deliver flexible analytic capabilities for a diverse public health workforce to generate meaningful insights

CDC CSELS Grant Info

Information about the CDC grant.

CDC - CSELS Grant Strategy

CDC - CSELS Grant deep dive about strengthening U.S. public health infrastructure, workforce, and data systems.

CDC Grant  FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the data modernization initiative and grant resources.

Response Template for CDC Grants A3

Response template information to help accelerate your response preparation for the infrastructure components of the grant (e.g. A3)

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