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Accelerate collaboration and efficiency through data analytics

Someone sends a package through the mail. Another person signs up for public services or benefits. A country predicts and plans for future emergencies and pandemic responses. The military needs to ensure readiness of its fleet. All disparate issues for the public sector, but each interaction can be dramatically enhanced with the same thing—modern government analytics. But not just any data analytics system. One that works now— and 10 years from now, hyper-scalable in multiple dimensions, performing trillions of transactions every month in near real time. Public sector analytics—the future is now.

The future of the public sector is built on data-driven capabilities

Improve citizen experience
Move to the Citizen 360 experience with government analytics that connects individuals and data siloes across a multitude of public sector agencies.

Proactive identification of fraud, waste, and abuse
Big data in the government and public sector safely and securely shares information to solve and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse through prescriptive data analytics.

Uncover issues before they arise
Predictive analytics in the public sector can solve supply chain and logistical challenges.  Uncover maintenance issues before they happen with cloud modernization.

Improving and saving lives
Dramatically accelerate the drive towards Vision Zero to reduce traffic accidents, mobilize your response to Covid-19, and support a conversation on a suicide prevention hotline.   Data-driven decisions and actions save lives.

A blueprint for a smart public sector

From pandemics to optimizing services, a modern data analytics platform is vital for public safety and stability. from Vision Zero to mobility service, improving your citizen experience requires a smart approach to data management—a whole Smart City.

Learn what it takes

Make the smart choice for your institution

There’s no better sustainable option for government analytics, with flexible cost and dimensional scaling—perfect for fluctuating buying budgets.

Unleash your greatest asset: your data

It’s time to integrate all your data, tear down your siloes, and align your entire institution to be ready for what’s next


Make all your departments work as one with government analytics

Use your data in the right way, and your public sector institution becomes a self-perpetuating, demand-meeting machine. Departments and services now cross-collaborate, driving outcomes to improve citizens’ quality of life.

Citizen Services

Make public services like child welfare, postal services, and drivers’ services work better and faster

Operational Efficiencies

Forecast supply chain solutions and keep resources moving

Public Health Management

Respond to and help prevent public health crises

Fraud Prevention and Security

Find, predict, and prevent crimes


Quickly prescribe the best solutions for smart decision-making on all levels Data and analytics inform smart decision-making on all levels, quickly prescribing the best solutions


Make transportation safer and more accessible with Vision Zero and Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Only Teradata delivers.

Multidimensional scale.

Unleash the true power of your data with Teradata Vantage, the only platform capable of scaling in every direction and handling the immense demands of today—and an accelerated future.

The modern approach to a hybrid multi-cloud reality.

One of the most powerful platforms in the industry is also the most flexible. Teradata is the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics that offers the same experience and real-time results across public-, hybrid-, or multi-cloud environments.

The expertise to make it happen.

Our team of experts knows public institutions and government inside and out. We’ve helped many countries, public agencies, and militaries use data and analytics to modernize their systems, transform their organizations, and deliver exceptional results over and over again.

Case study: States improve lives and save millions with health care data

When two states sought to modernize their public health data and analytics, Teradata was there. We helped leverage Medicaid data to provide a 360-degree client view—and improve children’s lives at the same time. Identifying and eliminating lead poisoning, preventing juvenile incarceration, and keeping foster children safe are just a few possible uses. Find out how many ways you can use your data.

See how Teradata can help you build the institution of the future with public sector analytics