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The possibilities of a new, AI-driven future are here. Breakthroughs like generative AI will fuel exciting opportunities in creativity, productivity, and innovation. Our impressive lineup of top executives and industry changemakers give insights on how to tackle the world’s most complex business challenges while empowering decision-makers with better information.

Teradata senior executives

Teradata executives share the latest innovations in cloud, data, and analytics. Their unique perspectives help you transform your business in ways you never thought possible.

Possible Agenda

See how modern enterprises energize operations, captivate customers, and create massive value through AI-powered strategies.

Monday, 21 August

5:00 PM | Registration opens

Head to the registration booth to pick up your name badge and event materials.

6:00 PM | Welcome reception

Meet fellow attendees, network with industry peers, and kick-start your Possible experience. Explore the Expo Hub, and enjoy the entertainment for the evening: Ywenna Carollin!

Tuesday, 22 August

8:00 AM | Registration opens

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8:00 AM | Breakfast and Expo Hub opens

Get energized with a good breakfast so you can explore the Expo Hub: a showcase for the latest in AI/ML, cloud, and data innovation.

10:00 AM | Welcome

Let us introduce you to the future of AI innovation as we open up a world of possibilities with Emcee Diana Ser, Journalist.

10:10 AM | Transformative Trends and Industry Disruptions

Dr. Ayesha Khanna, Co-Founder and CEO of Addo: Emerging trends and industry shake-ups that will redefine the business landscape.

10:40 AM | Enterprise 2030: Preparing for the AI-driven decade

Jacqueline Woods, Chief Marketing Officer, Teradata, and Catherine Wong, Forbes Asia Reporter, Forbes: Modernizing AI and data strategies for the enterprise of the future.

11:00 AM | Executive Keynote: Fuel the Future

Steve McMillan, President and CEO, Teradata: How innovation, business outcomes, and AI acceleration intersect to fuel your future.

11:25 AM | Going Farther and Faster

Todd Cione, Chief Revenue Officer, Teradata, and Vimal Endiran, Managing Director - Cloud First, Accenture: The impact of strategic partnerships in shaping your success journey.

11:45 AM | Lunch in the Expo Hub

Explore the Expo Hub and meet with your peers and industry leaders as you take a fuel break for lunch.

1:00 PM | Fuel the Future

Emcee Diana Ser, Journalist, returns as we kick off the afternoon’s session of speakers.

1:05 PM | What's Fueling the Future + Q&A

Hillary Ashton, Chief Product Officer, Teradata, and Ramesh Narayanaswamy, Group CTO, Aditya Birla Capital Limited: Exploring future-state drivers for AI/ML and data, followed by a Q&A session.

1:40 PM | Regional Insights and Roundtable Introduction

Join Richard Petley, Regional Sales EVP, Teradata, and Praveen Thakur, Geo Vice President South Asia & Korea, Teradata, as they delve into regional industry trends and set the stage for our upcoming industry-specific roundtables.

1:45 PM | Break

Grab a snack and have a chat, then jump back in.

2:00 PM | Sponsor and Industry Roundtables in the Expo Hub

Engage with your peers and industry leaders to share experiences and gain fresh insights. Connect 1:1 with a Teradata expert to get real-time answers to your questions in the Meeting Center.

Industry Roundtables:

Banking (Kalpesh Teli)

Telco (Hans-Peter Misra)

Value Engineering (Carol Mok) 

Driving Value (Niall O'Doherty) 

3:00 PM | Break

Grab a snack and have a chat, then jump back in.

3:15 PM | Discover what’s next with thought leaders

Discussion and Q&A around insights and learnings from an industry panel moderated by Martin Willcox, VP Analytics & Architecture, Teradata

Sri Raghavan, Principal, Data Science and Analytics, AWS
Lian Jye, Chief Analyst, Omdia
Michael Hutchinson, Chief Customer Officer, Teradata
Richard Petley, EVP Regional Sales, Teradata

3:45 PM | Closing

Emcee Diana Ser, Journalist, wraps up the day and previews what’s to come.

3:55 PM | Networking Reception

Network and unwind with your peers at Possible.

5:30 PM | Possible Party featuring The Countdown Band

Enjoy an evening of celebration and entertainment featuring The Countdown Band.

Wednesday, 23 August

8:00 AM | Registration

Head to the registration booth to pick up your name badge and event materials.

8:00 AM | Expo Hub open

Enjoy breakfast in the morning and then dive into another day of discovery at the Expo Hub, featuring exhibits on the latest in AI, ML, and data technologies.

9:15 AM | Welcome

Laurence Ryder, VP Pre-Sales Technology, Teradata, kicks off a day of hands-on experiences and interactive sessions that promise to provide practical insights and actionable takeaways.

9:20 AM | Fueling the Future through Innovation

Join Daniel Spurling, SVP, Product Engineering, Teradata, as he takes the stage for our opening keynote. Embark on a journey through the current technological landscape and into the future of data-driven innovation. Daniel will offer his unique perspective on where we are, where we're heading, and how Teradata is positioned to lead the charge.

9:40 AM | Partnering for Innovation

We live in a world of unprecedented innovation. Transformational shifts such as the cloud, AI, remote work, and the consumerization of technology create immense pressure and rapid change. Come hear from Teradata’s Vice President of Engineering Daniel Spurling and Microsoft’s Azure Sales Director Richard Knight how both companies are driving innovation, anticipating market needs, and evolving offerings to address market demands.

9:50 AM | Track Exploration

Get a preview of what will be covered in our expert-led tracks:

Modern Platform/Architecture
Jim Bougatsias, APJ Cloud Director, Teradata

Data Management/Governance
Nathan Green, Senior Director, Ecosystem Architecture, Teradata

Accelerating Analytics AI/ML
Martin Willcox, VP, Presales Technology, Teradata

10:30 AM | Technical Session Track 1: Modern Platform/Architecture

Session 1: Charting the future together: How customers help shape Teradata's technical vision
Join Venkat Rajaji, Vice President of Product Management, Teradata, for a deeper look into our technical roadmap for VantageCloud™. Venkat will share how Teradata's product team is incorporating customer feedback into the development of products and services.

Session 2: Aditya Birla Group: Hybrid and Cloud modernization journey
Come learn from Ramesh Narayanaswamy, Group CTO at Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABC), on their modernization journey. ABC has developed a standard, consolidated view of critical business elements across multiple divisions focusing on their customers and business growth. Mr. Narayanaswamy will be joined by Teradata Solution Engineer Nishant Goyal to share the application of technologies that have supported ABC’s modernization journey.

Session 3: Future of data modernisation in the private cloud at Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation
Join Tan Ban Horng, Platform Solutions Head of Data at Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC), to explore OCBC’s modernization journey featuring the development of their private cloud, as well as several data management and governance practices.

Session 4: Exploring on-premises and hybrid deployments
In this session, we'll zero in on the ins and outs of on-premises and hybrid deployments. Steve Mazingo, Teradata's Product Manager, will share the various options and discuss their advantages in terms of performance, cost, scalability, security, and functionality. Steve will also share real-world case studies illustrating the capabilities of on-premises and hybrid cloud architectures. Expect to gain new insights into developing the right strategy for your business.

Session 5: Migrate and modernize: Peer panel discussion
Join Teradata customers for an interactive discussion about their experiences migrating and modernizing their data analytic ecosystems with Teradata. Led by Teradata Cloud Architect Chris Jackson, panelists Prakasan Sreejith Karthika, Vice President-Group Engineering, OCBC; Ramesh Narayanaswamy, Group CTO, Aditya Birla Capital Limited; and Doug Dueppen, Technology Manager, TPG Telecom Ltd, will share valuable insights into the strategies that have enabled them to achieve their digital transformation goals and drive business growth.

10:30 AM | Technical Session Track 2: Data Management/Governance

Session 1: Success stories: Overcoming data management and governance challenges panel

In a world of ever-increasing complexity, nearly all organizations are facing challenges with data management and governance. In this session, our industry panelists will discuss challenges faced and how different tools and services can be used to solve business challenges and fuel business growth.

Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Officer, Teradata
Anu Mohan, Senior Director of Product , Teradata
Damian Murphy, Enterprise Technologist, Dell
Haider Malik, Head of Data Analytics, Jazz Telecom

Session 2: Unlock Data: Embracing the power of Data Fabric
In this session, Debjani Panda, Product Director, Teradata, will dive into how with our differentiated Query Fabric, Semantic Knowledge Maps, and embedded ML, you can create a formidable data fabric, performant decentralized architectures (like Data Mesh), and empower users to harness data in their estate. She will also share real-world examples of how Teradata customers have successfully leveraged Teradata and third-party tools to extend their data fabric capabilities.

Session 3: A Data Led Transformation: Analytics at Jazz Telecom
Come hear Haider Malik, Head of Data Analytics at Jazz Telecom (Pakistan Mobile), as he shares Jazz’s three year Analytics Platform Journey in Partnership with Teradata. Jazz has successfully delivered a best in class, scalable platform to extract business value out of massive telecom data. Mr. Malik will also present some of the key use cases delivered to monetize data both internally and externally. Attendees will also learn technical details of Jazz technology stack and architecture developed in partnership with Teradata.

Session 4: Implementing the data mesh concept: an engineering approach
Join Teradata CTO Stephen Brobst as he explains how to implement a successful data mesh that enables a data-powered enterprise. An engineering approach provides a practical architecture and governance framework to deliver connectivity across domains while encouraging a decentralized approach to stewardship and implementation. Learn how to balance different design patterns and create separate schemas for each domain to build a data mesh that does justice to both business and technology considerations.

Session 5: Embracing the modern data stack ecosystem with VantageCloud
Join Teradata’s Principle Developer Advocate Vidhan Bhonsle, for an overview of the exciting and evolving modern data stack, including a live demo. We will explore how new tools for data ingestion, such as Airbyte, and transformation, such as dbt, are making data loading processes agile, and transformation processes easier to document and maintain, and more reliable. We review how to leverage the scale and performance of VantageCloud in conjunction with these key tools of the modern data stack. Attendees will be provided with insights to improve their data workflows, integrating more data sources, performing transformations with ease, to derive value in their business intelligence, machine learning and other analytical processes.

10:30 AM | Technical Session Track 3: Accelerating Analytics AI/ML

Session 1: AI everywhere: Scaling and automating AI/ML for optimal business impact
Stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in analytics in this engaging session with Teradata's product Manager Jefferson Uy. Dive into the transformative power of ML/AI and GenAI and explore their impact at an enterprise level. Learn about the key considerations for effectively scaling AI/ML, the pivotal role of automation, exciting developments in ClearScape Analytics™, and success stories that showcase the significant capabilities of Teradata in scaling AI/ML for business success.

Session 2: Harnessing the power of generative AI to drive business outcomes
Generative AI is revolutionizing data and analytics, but many companies still struggle to grasp its amazing possibilities—and potential pitfalls. To help you navigate this evolving landscape, Teradata’s Aswin Shankar will explain the capabilities available today and share their predictions about where the technology is headed. We'll provide real-world use cases to show how other companies are successfully leveraging generative AI and large language models (LLMs) to drive business outcomes.

10:15 AM – 12:45 PM | Hands-On Workshop: VantageCloud Lake

This hands-on workshop, led by Mario Rozario, Associate Lead Technical Consultant, and Madhusudhan Lahoti, Lead Cloud Lab Engineer, is designed to give participants a holistic view of the VantageCloud Lake Ecosystem and its various components. It will introduce the new VantageCloud Lake architecture and provide access to the new VantageCloud Lake Console. In the Console, you will be introduced to the new SQL Editor along with the new In-DB Analytic Functions Explorer. Attendees will also be able to explore the new compute architecture by using the new VantageCloud Lake storage mechanisms: OFS (Object File Storage) and NOS (Native Object Storage).

1:30 PM – 4:00 PM | Hands-On Workshop: ClearScape Analytics

This hands-on workshop, led by Chris Hillman, Senior Director and Data Scientist, and Injun Kim, Principal Data Scientist - South Asia, will have attendees using their own laptop to access a Teradata ClearScape Environment. The course will move quickly through an introduction, data prep/feature engineering, model training, horizontal and vertical scaling, bringing in your own model (BYOM), model ops, and conclude with partner APIs and workbenches. Attendees will continue to have access to the environment for 30 days after the hands-on workshop.

4:45 PM | Event close

Three days of revolutionary insights, empowering connections, and hands-on experiences have come to a close. Thank you for joining us at Possible 2023!

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