Possible: China

Global Event Series for Cloud, Data, and Analytics Leaders
September 7, 2022

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Possible brings together business and technical industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and strategies in cloud, data, and analytics. Through this event series, Possible executives around the globe provide insights and proven approaches to unlock new value, reach goals faster, and become more resilient in today’s dynamic business environment.



your data and analytics approach to make your operations more resilient to change.



your business by linking your data and analytics strategy to business outcomes.



by quickly transforming business models and customer experience to drive innovation.

Event agenda

View the agenda below or download the PDF to see what high-impact cloud, data, and analytics topics were covered at this event.

Part I: Rethink >

14:00 - 14:10 | Welcome to Possible

Get an overview of the day’s events.

Jacqueline Woods, CMO, Teradata
Bo Wang, Geo VP, Teradata

14:10 - 14:30 | State of the Industry: Enterprise intelligence and data management trends in the cloud era

We are moving to a new stage of digital transformation. Organizations will adopt “digital first” strategies to gain an advantage in future competition. Data volume and data structure will increase rapidly in this digital-first world. Organizations need to build the future of digital infrastructure: An enterprise intelligence and whole lifecycle data management platform in multi-cloud, cloud native, and autonomous IT infrastructure. 

Speaker: Thomas Zhou, Associate Vice President Enterprise Research, IDC

14:30 - 14:50 | The Future of Cloud Analytics and Data: Innovation at massive scale

Hear from Teradata's executive leadership on their vision for helping companies find breakthrough results. 

Speaker: Steve McMillan, President and CEO, Teradata

14:50 - 15:10 | Breakthrough Disruption with the Complete Cloud Analytics and Data Platform

Discover how organizations are turning data into their most valuable asset by leveraging the cloud to deliver competitive advantages.

Speaker: Hillary Ashton, CPO, Teradata

Part II: Empower >

15:10 - 15:30 | Spotlight Success Story: ​Unlock Enterprise Value with BIZ and Finance Fusion Analytics 

Teradata's industrial and financial integration solution accelerates the integration of customers' industrial and financial data by virtue of the logical data model (LDM) that uses best practices accumulated over the years from various industries. Organizations can use multi-dimensional profitability modeling to uncover opportunities for cost reduction and to increase efficiencies in enterprise operations. Combined with Teradata Vantage's scalable advanced analytics engine that includes graph analysis, path analysis, time series prediction, and more, the industrial and financial integration solution delivers outstanding analytics capabilities to build an intelligent decision support system and realize new business value.

Speaker: Liang Liu, Industry Expert, Teradata

Part III: Accelerate >

15:30 - 15:50 | Industry Showcase: AWS Cloud Technology and Teradata Create Unlimited Possibilities in the Cloud 

The high integration of Teradata solutions with AWS products shows Teradata's keen perspective on cloud market dynamics. Teradata Vantage integrates analytics, data lakes, and data warehouses, all of which are in the cloud, enabling companies to use data to reveal large-scale real-time intelligence. Teradata and Amazon Web services (AWS) are constantly solving the scalability dilemma of global enterprises by combining the scalability and openness of Vantage with the intuitive machine learning model capability of Amazon Sagemaker.

Speaker: Danffer Ni, General Manager, Business Development and Ecosystems Partners Greater China, AWS

15:50 - 16:25 | Panel Discussion: Achieving growth in tomorrow's market

According to a survey commissioned by Teradata, 99% of Chinese respondents believe that the modernization of cloud architecture along with the improvement of data management and analysis are the primary investment areas to accelerate a digital transformation. In fact, technology has never been the biggest obstacle to digitization. Teradata solutions, products, and services let enterprises avoid complex technologies so they can focus more energy on the business side and allow data to generate real value. 

Li Li, Chief Editor, China Business Information (Moderator)
Jun Hu, Sales VP, Teradata
Professor Yushen Liu, School of software, Tsinghua University
Lei Yan, CTO, Shouyue Technology
Xiaobo Cui, CEO & Co-Founder, Talking Data
Donghui Wang, CEO, UEC

16:25 - 16:30 | Closing Statements: ​What else will be Possible?

Bring proven solutions to your business that can make an immediate impact.

Speaker: Bo Wang, Geo VP, Teradata

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