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Possible brings together business and technical industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and strategies in cloud, data, and analytics. Through this event series, Possible executives around the globe provide insights and proven approaches to unlock new value, reach goals faster, and become more resilient in today’s dynamic business environment.



your data and analytics approach to make your operations more resilient to change.



your business by linking your data and analytics strategy to business outcomes.



by quickly transforming business models and customer experience to drive innovation.

Event agenda

Part I: Rethink >

9:00 - 9:05 | Welcome to Possible

Get an overview of the day’s events.

Speaker: Jordy Almgren​, EVP Americas Sales and Services, Teradata

9:05 - 9:15 | State of the Industry: Scaling Enterprise Intelligence

Gain the latest insights on how cloud, data, and analytics are driving transformative results.

Speaker: Pietro Delai​, Director, Enterprise Latin America, IDC

9:15 - 9:35 | The Future of Cloud Analytics and Data: Innovation at massive scale

Learn how a childhood as a passionate innovator led Teradata CEO Steve McMillan to create hundreds of data silos—and sparked a lifelong mission to enable deep insights from all data, no matter where it is. You’ll hear from Steve on his vision for helping companies achieve breakthrough results, including how Teradata is empowering business users to use data—and analytics—in ways once reserved for data scientists. Find out how Teradata is helping organizations meet and exceed expectations to access, analyze, and unlock value from data at AI-speed in the cloud, no matter where they are in their data and analytics journey.

Speaker: Steve McMillan​, President and CEO, Teradata

9:35 - 9:55 | Breakthrough Disruption with the Complete Cloud Analytics and Data Platform

Join Teradata Chief Product Officer Hillary Ashton for a deep dive into the exciting new opportunities being unlocked by Teradata’s recent launch of VantageCloud, VantageCloud Lake, and ClearScape Analytics. During this session you’ll learn why so few companies have been able to achieve AI/ML at scale, including the three key challenges organizations face in their digital transformation. You’ll also find out the three crucial components to building a winning data and analytics strategy—and how organizations are turning data into their most valuable asset by using the cloud to unlock competitive advantages.

Speaker: Hillary Ashton​, CPO, Teradata

9:55 - 10:05 | Break

Take a few minutes to have a snack, check emails, or connect with fellow Possible attendees before the next session.

Part II: Empower >

10:05 - 10:15 | Innovators in the Field: Sicredi

Sicredi is a cooperative financial institution in Brazil with a credit portfolio of BRL 136.4 billion, more than 5.5 million customers, and a delinquency rate close to 2%. With audacious growth goals, a complex data-architecture ecosystem with six credit scoring models, and new regulations ahead, the organization’s top priority is implementing best practices for managing analytics while ensuring users have access to reliable data. Find out how they’re supporting their fast-growing credit portfolio and mitigating credit risk with Vantage. You’ll learn how Vantage enabled the modeling team to focus on improving model performance while reducing data storage costs, giving business users end-to-end autonomy in credit risk classification processing, and more.

Speaker: Matheus Pierozan​, Sr. Credit Risk Analyst, Sicredi

10:15 - 10:25 | Innovators in the Field: Banco Itaú Unibanco

Last year, Bank Itaú decided to move all its Teradata environments to the cloud in a “move and modernize” approach that included a data migration of over 400 TB. Now the bank is moving fast towards being a leader in sustainable performance and customer satisfaction—and they’re sharing the lessons learned from their cloud journey. Find out how an aggressive data driven culture, democratization of analytical data, and a strong focus on security and compliance were key factors in their successful digital transformation. You’ll hear about their experience with data fabric (Teradata QueryGrid and Native Object Store), federated pin, latency issues, first-party integration, APIs, and more.

Speaker: Cezar Goncalves​, Sr. IT Infrastructure Analyst, Banco Itaú Unibanco

10:25 - 10:35 | Innovators in the Field: Banco Bradesco

Find out how Bank Bradesco’s CRM department moved from a limiting, manual modeling process to a modern framework—complete with feature store usage, new digital variables, and ML techniques that provide users the freedom to choose the best language and tools—all while meeting an aggressive timeframe. Bank Bradesco will discuss how a focus on business value, customer centricity, and a data driven culture in a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment helped improve clustering for segmentation, enable the simplification and easy operationalization of ML models developed in Python and H2O.ai—and much more.

Camila Tiemi Yoshimura Orlandin Alves​, Data Scientist, Banco Bradesco​
Ronnie Von Carvalho de Souza Junior​, Data Scientist, Banco Bradesco

Part III: Accelerate >

10:35 - 10:40 | Closing Statements: What else will be Possible?

Bring proven solutions to your business that can make an immediate impact.

Speakers: Jordy Almgren​, EVP Americas Sales and Services, Teradata

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