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American Airlines Success Story

How industry leaders implemented new strategies to use data more effectively for a better customer experience.

Innovation at Massive Scale

Hear Teradata CEO Steve McMillan on using data and analytics in ways once reserved for data scientists.

Scaling Enterprise Intelligence

IDC’s Dr. Chris Marshall on the core technologies making enterprises genuinely more intelligent.

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Part I: Rethink


Pick up your name badge and get ready for what’s Possible.

Welcome to Possible

Get an overview of the day’s sessions from a Teradata executive leadership team member/emcee.

Economic Outlook: How the current climate will impact your business

Find out from our keynote speaker how the broader business climate may impact your business.

State of the Industry: Data as the newest renewable resource

Gain the latest insights on how cloud, data, and analytics are driving transformative results.

The Complete Cloud, Data, and Analytics Picture: Building a future-ready business

Hear from Teradata’s executive leadership on their vision for helping companies find breakthrough results.

The Data Maturity Curve: Data industrialization with a modern cloud architecture

Discover how organizations are turning data into their most valuable asset by leveraging the cloud to deliver competitive advantages.

Part II: Empower

Innovators in the Field

Learn new use cases from thought leaders who are finding innovative applications for data and analytics.

Innovator Showcase: Meet and greet

Talk with presenters and peers on how you can implement their ideas in your own organization.

Spotlight Success Story: Elevating the experience

See how top industry leaders have implemented new strategies and found exciting results by enabling members across their organization to use data more effectively and create a better customer experience.

Fireside chat: The power of possibility

Listen to our featured customer in dialogue with Teradata's executives to hear the story behind their success and how it might apply to other businesses.

Part III: Accelerate

Industry Showcase: Pushing forward

Dive deep into industry-specific examples of how organizations are optimizing the latest data and analytics solutions to solve unique problems.

Panel Discussion: Achieving growth in tomorrow’s market

Benefit from executive insights to position your business to seize emerging opportunities.

Closing Statements: What else will be Possible?

Bring proven solutions to your business that can make an immediate impact.

Cocktail Reception

Enjoy light hors d’oeuvres and high-value networking.

Teradata senior executives

Teradata executives will share the latest innovations in cloud, data, and analytics. Their unique perspectives will help you transform your business in ways you never thought possible.

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