Industry leaders trust Teradata to deliver a competitive edge

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Siemens Healthineers uses Teradata Vantage for predictive maintenance.  The 240,000 patient touchpoints an hour include state of health sensor data which is analyzed to ensure equipment uptime.

Head of Analytical Services
Dr. Mirko Appel
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With over 80% of their cars connected, Volvo Cars analyzes 500,000 hazard incidents weekly getting critical answers to fuel innovation in design, predict failures in cars, and improve diagnostics and service.

Director of Product Planning
Jan Wassen
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With 80+% of the connected car market, innovations in IoT and connectivity present opportunities to capture insights from data to create safer roads.

Chief Data and Analytics Officer- General Motors
Dr. A. Charles Thomas
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Verizon innovates and disrupts the competitive telco market using data and analytics to connect Marketing, Finance, and IT. Combining this with the 7Ps Marketing Mix makes Verizon a formidable industry force. 

Executive Director
Grace Hwang
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Recognized as the best consumer products and services provider in the world, P&G relies on Teradata to manage all opt-in consumer data, enabling communications across multiple channels and, ultimately, deeper customer relationships. 

IT Associate Director e-Business Platforms for CRM
Dennis Devine
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