Data must be easily available and sharable to optimize its full value.

Data sharing—making data accessible to other divisions within a company, to business partners, or generally available to the market as a whole—can drive new business value for modern enterprises. Making secure access to the shared data easy and available in open formats, in cloud object stores, as well as in data exchanges and marketplaces, such as AWS Data Exchange and Azure Data Share, is key in enabling companies to achieve this goal. The more internal and external users who have easy access to data, the greater the business benefits. By sharing data, companies can improve products and services, strengthen market positioning, or even enable a new stream of revenue by monetizing the shared data.

Vantage can bring together and share data across any source

Empower all locations with data

The right approach to data sharing gives companies the ability to analyze a broader set of data, unlock new answers, and gain unlimited intelligence.

Teradata Vantage™ makes it easy and frictionless to bring together any data from any source across the enterprise and from third parties, then share it. Business analysts, data scientists, and other data users can easily access the data they need, when they need.

Open cloud marketplace strategy for data sharing

Open approach to data sharing

A closed ecosystem limits data sharing capabilities. That’s why Teradata leverages an open data format and open cloud marketplace strategy to share data. Vantage’s close integration with cloud vendors’ data marketplaces makes it seamless and easy to share data in this fashion.

This open cloud marketplace strategy provides the ability for companies and business partners to access and analyze the shared data in the platform or tool of their choice. This means companies are not dependent on a single vendor to drive value from their shared data.

Vantage offers end-to-end automated integration with both AWS Data Exchange and Azure Data Share.

Vantage leverages cloud object stores for data sharing

Optimized for object stores

With Teradata Vantage’s Native Object Store (NOS) functionality, data can be easily read from and written to cloud object stores in open data formats. This allows companies to leverage cloud object stores as a simple way to share data.

Data users can then access, read, and analyze shared data within a cloud object store with another instance of Vantage or a myriad of other tools, like Presto or Spark.

Three main ways to share data

Data sharing methods in analytic environments typically fall into three main categories. They are:

  • Using an open marketplace. Integration with cloud vendors’ data exchanges enables providers and consumers to leverage the cloud vendor’s existing ecosystem to privately or publicly share and consume data.
  • Sharing storage. A shared data set is made available in an object store in an open format and accessible by users.
  • In-place sharing via a database or data warehouse. The shared data consumer has direct access to a single copy of data within the database with BI tools, but more typically through a front-end portal.
  • Regardless of the method, Teradata Vantage makes it easy to share data internally, with business departments, and externally.

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