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Get the pricing flexibility, transparency, and control you need to maximize your data and analytics ecosystem in the cloud.

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Consumption-based pricing

Now it's easier—and more affordable—to get more out of the cloud. Teradata's new unit pricing is true consumption-based pricing model that lets you pay for what you use—not what’s provisioned.

Blended pricing

Get the lowest cost at scale with blended pricing. We paired low-cost, predictable reserved compute capacity with on-demand elasticity, in which you only pay for compute resources used or activated, plus storage.

VantageCloud pricing meets or beats the competition.

Choose cloud pricing that works at scale

VantageCloud is the clear winner for cloud pricing at scale. Our costs grow linearly. Other vendors grow exponentially.

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Control costs with full transparency

With VantageCloud, there are no surprise costs. Our intuitive console lets you easily track resource usage, so you can ensure you’re always getting the most value.

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