Teradata Vantage™ is built for a hybrid multi-cloud world.

Unmatched flexibility. Unlimited possibilities.

A hybrid multi-cloud world demands more. More freedom. More choice. More agility. And your data analytics platform software should too. That's why Vantage—the world's most adaptable data analytics platform—delivers the power and flexibility modern businesses need, with more control, less risk, and no lock-ins.

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Deploy your way.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Hybrid Cloud

    Unify new and existing infrastructure, meet ever-changing business demands, and be ready for whatever comes next with hybrid cloud deployment. You get a mix of on-premises and public cloud options working together.

  • Multi-Cloud


    Sometimes more clouds are better than one. Multi-cloud deployment lets you increase flexibility and avoid getting locked into a single public cloud vendor. Optimize each environment based on business requirements.

  • Public Cloud

    Public Cloud

    Public cloud offers new standards of speed, services, and limitless scale. Public cloud providers deliver greater flexibility, massive (and low-cost) storage, and rapid time to value.

  • On-Premises

    Leverage your existing infrastructure investments or take advantage of Teradata’s purpose-built infrastructure, letting you minimize latency and make the most of on-premises data gravity.

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Pick your provider

Public clouds

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Combine the power of Vantage with the global footprint of Amazon Web Services to achieve the highest levels of advanced analytics in the cloud.

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Microsoft Azure

Scale as needed and integrate with preferred business intelligence and visualization tools such as Microsoft Power BI.

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Google Cloud

Take advantage of Google’s advanced IT capabilities, top-notch security, and global network of environmentally friendly data centers.

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Teradata VantageCore IntelliFlex®

Independently scale processing power and storage with Teradata’s highly optimized, purpose-built infrastructure designed to squeeze every last drop of performance for the ultimate in analytics.

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Teradata VantageCore VMware

Maximize your own hardware utility by deploying Vantage with VMware vSphere virtualization software. Sidestep latency with your own private cloud.

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More options

Teradata Cloud

Enjoy cloud benefits without being in the public cloud. Let us deploy and manage purpose-built infrastructure for you in one of Teradata’s U.S.-based data centers.

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Customer Cloud

Get powerful analytics without the headaches of system provisioning and management. Customer Cloud delivers purpose-built Teradata infrastructure, operated by Teradata, in your own data center.

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Adapt as needed.

Needs change rapidly. But Vantage is the same everywhere. Portable software licensing means it’s easy to migrate between architectures, with no need to recode applications, re-train personnel, or rework existing analytic processes.

Pay for only what you use.

Vantage can be delivered on a blended model (great for high or very predictable utilization) or on a consumption model, which lets you pay only for what you use. You get cost transparency and automatic elasticity with zero commitment.

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Focus on answers, not IT.

Vantage can be delivered on a blended model (great for high or very predictable utilization) or on a consumption model, which lets you pay only for what you use. You get cost transparency and automatic elasticity with zero commitment.

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Vantage Deployment Strategy Guide

Each deployment option has its own advantages. The best choice for any one workload or organization is often based multiple considerations, such as strategy, timing, price, and competing priorities.

Public Cloud

  • Accelerate time-to-value without a lengthy procurement process.
  • Shift from capital expense (upfront purchase) to operational expense (pay-as-you-go or subscription).
  • Reduce financial risk. You can start small and grow only as needed.
  • Focus on unique value-add, with no need to oversee tasks that can be automated or outsourced.



  • Spread availability risk between geographically diverse cloud networks.
  • Reduce costs by constantly negotiating amongst competing providers.
  • Separate workloads according to user requirements and the best available infrastructure.
  • Get early access to the latest cloud ecosystem innovations regardless of provider.
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Hybrid Cloud

  • Tap into the right tool for each job based on latency, agility, velocity, cost, skills, and workload duration.
  • Minimize disruption to existing on-premises ecosystems while fostering new innovation in the cloud.
  • Extend skills, tools, and methodologies from one environment to another.
  • Minimize risk and keep all options open, including reverting to on-premises if desired.



  • Use existing data center facilities, personnel, and analytic pipelines.
  • Maximize performance by using software running on purpose-built infrastructure.
  • Minimize network latency between data, applications, and users.
  • Operate as a "dark site" to reduce cyber threats by eliminating access via the internet.

Regardless of deployment preference, Teradata has a range of offerings that can align with nearly any enterprise requirement. Vantage software is always consistent, regardless of environment. And with portable subscriptions, any choice can be changed or reversed — which de-risks decisions and provides peace of mind for budget-conscious executives.