Tired of managing infrastructure?

Vantage on AWS provides secure, scalable, single-tenant environments where Teradata provisions and maintains the system in AWS. Customers can focus on answers, not IT.

Pay only for what’s provisioned, eliminating large capital outlays and removing risk. Subscriptions include Vantage software, AWS infrastructure, and environment management.

Teradata Vantage on AWS – Blended Pricing (U.S.)

Hourly ($ USD)
Hourly ($ USD)
Hourly ($ USD)
Advanced SQL EngineSmall$3.08$4.52$5.48
StorageEBS (TB Raw)$0.194$0.194$0.194

$ USD hourly prices are effective rates for comparison purposes based on a 3-year subscription; services not sold on an hourly basis.
Network storage (EBS) is priced separate from compute; minimum subscription is for 5 TB per instance.
Minimum subscription size is 2 instances; effective $ USD pricing for 1 instance in the U.S. shown above.

Consumption Pricing for Vantage on AWS (U.S. and Canada)

EngineInstance3-Year Term
VU ($ USD)
1-Year Term
VU ($ USD)
VU ($ USD)
Advanced SQL EngineAmazon EC2$3.00$4.00$5.00
StoragePrimary (TB Raw)$0.194$0.194$0.194
Backup (TB Raw)$0.044$0.044$0.044

$ USD prices for a single Vantage Unit (VU) in the U.S. and Canada are shown in the table.
Primary (EBS) and Backup (S3) storage is priced separate from compute; minimum subscription is for 5 TB per instance.

Learn more about Flexible Cloud Pricing for Vantage on AWS, including both Blended Pricing (capacity-based) and Consumption Pricing (usage-based) options.



Maximize resource efficiency and get maximum return on investment.


Teradata handles setup, monitoring, maintenance, and premium cloud support.


Enjoy peace of mind – and avoid being the next news headline.


Get prompt feedback and accurate answers to questions – right away.


Enjoy higher uptime, more productive users, and greater business continuity.


Flexible, metered pricing makes it easy to monitor and manage costs.


Focus on answers, not infrastructure – and always be on the latest release.


Squeeze more productivity out of existing investments in training and integration.

Why Vantage on AWS?

Teradata provisions and maintains powerful Vantage software using standard AWS infrastructure so that customers can focus on answers, not IT. Customers enjoy a powerful, flexible cloud environment on the latest software – and Teradata takes care of the details.

Most importantly, Vantage on AWS delivers the same Vantage software available everywhere, which makes it seamless to migrate workloads from one environment to another. De-risk deployment decisions with Vantage on AWS.

Vantage analytic engine

Advanced SQL engine

Comes with a huge selection of embedded analytic functions built for high-speed processing, such as attribution, scoring, and 4D analytics.

Machine learning engine

Provides 180+ prebuilt analytic functions to solve a wide range of business problems by analyzing path, pattern, statistical, and text data. Capabilities range from understanding sentiment to predictive analysis.

Graph engine

Delivers a set of functions that discover relationships between people, products, and processes within a network. Analyze social network connections and influencer relationships while significantly improving fraud detection and threat identification.

Fallback and redundancy

Vantage on AWS leverages the Fallback feature to ensure that data is duplicated across nodes, protecting against the loss of data in the event of an EC2 instance failure. Vantage uses Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) for persistent storage, ensuring data safety even if the attached instance fails. EBS is automatically replicated within an AWS Availability Zone (AZ). This provides redundancy like RAID mirroring in on-premises deployments. When using EBS storage, the data disks are encrypted by default; it is also possible to encrypt the root drive.

Node failure recovery

Vantage on AWS includes Node Failure Recovery, which automatically detects a failed EC2 instance without administrative involvement and will substitute a newly-provisioned replacement node. Because storage is provided by EBS, it is separate from the nodes and persists even when an instance fails. The EBS volumes are automatically detached from the failed node and attached to the newly-provisioned instance, which avoids data loss. If desired, hot standby nodes are available for Vantage on AWS.

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