Teradata Cares

Doing Good with Data

Using World-Class Data Analysis to do World-Class Good

Teradata is dedicated to helping non-profit organizations around the globe use data to tackle the problems they face every day. This data philanthropy strategy aligns our corporate strengths, consulting services, and technology with the demands of those organizations, which often lack the money or manpower to exploit and analyze the volumes of data they have accumulated. 
To strengthen this commitment, Teradata has partnered with DataKind, a non-profit group that matches talented data scientists with social agencies, civil groups, and nongovernmental organizations to explore the power of using data to better serve humanity.

Teradata Cares - Crisis Text Line with DataKind

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Teradata GDPR

As a data and analytics leader, Teradata vows to only collect and use your personal data with your permission. As a steward of your data, we want you to fully understand and have complete control over how your personal data is used by our company.

Benefits of Sharing Your Data With Us

Your personal data allows us to create a better online experience for you. Depending on the level of access you grant us to your data, we can tailor content on the site to fit your needs. And we can provide you with related digital advertisements across multiple channels.

What Choices Do I Have?

Choose the solution that best describes your preference:

Personalize my online experience

My data will be stored by Teradata and as a result, I may receive experience customized content on Teradata.com and see digital ads that are targeted to my specific interests

Do not personalize my online experience

None of my personal data will be tracked, so content on Teradata.com will not be personalized for me and Teradata will not use my data to show me targeted digital ads

Updating Settings in the Future

To update your privacy settings in the future, click Privacy on the top right of any page on the site, or under company in the main site navigation or in the footer