Harness all your data and maximize value

Faster access, better governance, and more powerful analytics at scale—all with lower cost of ownership. Unlock data, activate analytics, and accelerate value with Teradata VantageCloud.

Flexible cloud data analytics platform

Deploy anywhere with the most flexible data and analytics platform

Drive more value from your data wherever—and however—you want. Get the flexibility your business needs for public cloud systems like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, as well as in hybrid multi-cloud, on-premises, and commodity hardware environments.

Teradata Vantage in-database analytics

Solve any problem and answer every question

Bring the analytics to your data with the powerful in-database analytic capabilities of Teradata Vantage. Use your preferred languages and drive performance while reducing friction, time, and cost—all without moving your data.

Lowest total cost of ownership for enterprises

Get the lowest total cost of ownership at enterprise scale

Your hand is on millions of data sets that represent trillions of dollars. Vantage helps you intelligently put all your data to work—at scale and for the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) on the market.

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