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Who We Are

We are the leading cloud-based data and analytics company.

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What We Do

Our analytical insights deliver optimal business outcomes.

How We Do It

Your organization’s data analytics needs are unique. So are our solutions.

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Business Analytics Solutions

Pinpoint your most impactful data to unleash the power of analytics.

Ecosystem Architecture Consulting

Build the right roadmap to deliver what your business needs to grow.

Teradata Everywhere

The flexibility, agility, scalability, and cloud choices you need – now and in the future.

Who We Work With

Customer success is our greatest motivation.

Our Customers

A client list that includes many of the world’s top performers and most renowned innovators.

Case Studies

How we guided the world’s best-known brands through their toughest business challenges.

Our Partners

Specialized solutions that come to life through client-focused collaborations with our extended network.

What Analysts Say

Hard work pays off. Analysts and thought leaders know we’re the real deal.

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We are the analytical minds you need to solve real-world issues, seize opportunities and enhance business outcomes.

Consulting Overview

Advise & Architect

A proven approach to outline the business case, devise the strategy and launch advanced analytic ecosystems.

Design & Implement

Modern, optimized data platforms and architectures to drive performance gains.

Optimize & Manage

Proactive, comprehensive support for data and analytics environments.


You need data and analytics to compete. Our tailored industry solutions deliver a competitive edge.


Lift business performance and lighten IT’s load with the leading products, tools and applications.

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Produce more value from Teradata products and solutions with multiple support options.

Support Portal

Search, share, download the latest updates and access manuals and policies.

Teradata Education Programs

Learn from the experts in flexible formats – live Web, recorded and classroom instruction.

Teradata Certification Programs

Follow the path from Teradata Certified Professional to Teradata Certified Master.

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Analyst Research

Analysts follow Teradata because we advance the art of the possible.

Events & Community

Big ideas, best practices, and vital support to both business and technology leaders.

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October 14-18, 2018

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Technical Community

Discussion forums, Knowledge Base, blogs and Developer Zone.

Innovation Forums

Engage with Teradata thought leaders and experts.

Be part of our team.

Careers and Internships

Our 10,000+ person team covers more than 40 countries and comprises seasoned professionals as well as new grads.

Student and graduate internships

Who We Are

Unleashing the potential of great companies with data and analytics requires people who think big. Really big.

Our History

For years we have led the way and set the innovation standard in data and analytics.

Our Customers

The world’s most successful, best-known brands trust us with their most valuable asset—data.

Our Accolades

The world knows us for our innovation, technological excellence and business ethics.

Working at Teradata

Driven, qualified people willing to question what’s possible got us to where we are—and will get us where we’re going.


Our customer base and broad range of global markets require a diverse team.

Social Responsibility

We don’t just talk about social responsibility; we consciously incorporate our values into how we conduct business.


Teradata Cares, our flagship philanthropic program, builds strong and vibrant communities and demonstrates the value of “doing good with data.”

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Teradata GDPR

As a data and analytics leader, Teradata vows to only collect and use your personal data with your permission. As a steward of your data, we want you to fully understand and have complete control over how your personal data is used by our company.

Benefits of Sharing Your Data With Us

Your personal data allows us to create a better online experience for you. Depending on the level of access you grant us to your data, we can tailor content on the site to fit your needs. And we can provide you with related digital advertisements across multiple channels.

What Choices Do I Have?

Choose the solution that best describes your preference:

Personalize my online experience

My data will be stored by Teradata and as a result, I may receive experience customized content on Teradata.com and see digital ads that are targeted to my specific interests

Do not personalize my online experience

None of my personal data will be tracked, so content on Teradata.com will not be personalized for me and Teradata will not use my data to show me targeted digital ads

Updating Settings in the Future

To update your privacy settings in the future, click Privacy on the top right of any page on the site, or under company in the main site navigation or in the footer