A reimagined Universe

We’re excited to announce a new kind of Teradata event—a global series of events, in fact. Instead of hosting a single Teradata Universe in San Diego, we are bringing a reimagined one-day event to a city near you.

Possible is coming to a city near you​

Possible is a series of one-day global events for business leaders who are faced with making strategic data and analytics decisions that impact the future of business.

Executive-level attendees will discover new approaches to analytics and learn how others have overcome obstacles in an interactive setting.

collaboration Rethink

Drive higher profits with innovations derived from A.I. and Machine Learning. A reframed and localized event series will provide a multidimensional experience built on the latest technology insights and concepts from the Metaverse.

keynotes Empower

Extract more value from data analytics to better prepare for an unpredictable business environment. Meet with select members of Teradata’s executive leadership team and industry luminaries to build the connections and gain the edge your business needs.

innovations Accelerate

Leverage a cloud-first strategy that optimizes efficiency and scales your business. More direct engagement with peers and decision makers—as well as eye-opening success stories and thought leadership presentations—will offer clear, actionable takeaways.

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