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Run Vantage Express Locally

Learn how to install Vantage Express on your machine for development and testing.

Get access to Vantage in the cloud

Step by step instructions how to get access to Vantage Express in GCP.

Query data stored in object storage

Analyze datasets in object storage using SQL. Move data between Vantage and object storage using only SQL, no ETL tools required.

Train ML models using SQL

Prototype ML models by running SQL queries. No need to move data or to perform cumbersome external calls to AI/ML services.

The right tools for the job


An extensive portfolio of modern REST APIs to automate your workflows with Vantage. Use these APIs with REST calls or client SDKs in popular programming languages.

Drivers & Connectors

Connect your application to Vantage using any of the many popular programming development technologies such as Java, .Net, Python, Go.


An extensive set Developers Tools for managing your development and integration with Vantage, such as IDEs, utilities and much more.


Libraries and packages for your favorite opensource technologies such as Python and R, that take advantage of the Big Data and Machine Learning analytics capabilities of Teradata Vantage.

The latest documentation from Teradata

Bring Your Own Model

Learn how to operationalize & score predictive models (PMML, MOJO) in Vantage.

Python, R Analytics

Discover and learn how to train and score Python and R machine learning models in Vantage.

Teradata QueryGrid

High-speed parallel data fabric that enables analytics across a heterogeneous analytical ecosystem.

Jupyter Extensions

Use the Vantage extensions to seamlessly integrate Jupyter notebooks.

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Get technology insights into Teradata’s key products and features through a series of bite-sized videos delivered by Teradata experts.

Teradata University

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