• Business Value Services

    Drive Better Decisions by Focusing on Business Initiatives

    Align your business initiatives & challenges with the right analytic supporting foundation using industry best practices

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  • Meeting your business needs

    Data warehouse aligned with key business drivers/strategies

    Without a business focus, a data warehouse is simply servers, disk drives and software. Besides having the right equipment, your data warehousing processes need to be properly aligned with key business initiatives and strategies.

    Six Business Imperitives

    Business-driven approach yields incremental business value

    Every project you do with data needs to support a business initiative. A good data warehouse provides accurate and timely information on which to base business decisions, and projects should be designed to add incremental business value and/or increase business and technical capabilities.

    Analytic Roadmap Service

    Finding your way is easier with a map, and your data projects need a roadmap as well. They need to take into consideration the bigger data picture as well as leveraging existing data. Projects, requirements, existing capabilities and desired data future state are all components of a roadmap to better business decisions.

    Analytic Roadmap Service


    Besides creating analytics self-sufficiency for end users, a BICC acts at a hub for development, implementation, governance and support for BI functions - including architecture design, data management, BI methodologies, skills, tools, metadata, models, advanced data analytics, data warehouse performance and more.


    Maturity Assessments

    Are there gaps between your current situation and where you'd like to be? A maturity assessment provides a detailed analysis and prioritized set of recommendations to close those gaps.

    Data Warehouse Maturity Consulting Services

    Platform Family Services

    The Platform Family Services assess the customer applications and uses many factors such as availability requirements, size, performance impact, CPU utilization, etc. to determine which of the Teradata Purpose-Built family platforms would be the best choice to utilize.

    The goals of this service:

    • Analyze application performance criteria
    • Identify application distribution opportunities
    • Evaluate costs to manage distribution opportunities
    • Make recommendations

     The customer value gained from this service includes:

    • Application performance review
    • Architecture roadmap foundation
    • Mentoring 

    Teradata Purpose Built Platform Family

    Identify and Advise

    How would you like experts with unique experience releveant to your industry to help you with your data architecture and analytics? Teradata Professional Consultants look at what your business needs with a focus on data, analytics, and proven results to drive higher return on investment for your company. Find out how Teradata Professional Services helped customers NCR, Etisalat Egypt, and American Eagle Outfitters exploit their data for maximum business value.