Workload Management

Keeping Pace with Growing Business and User Demands

Let Your Business Priority Drive Your Data Warehouse

Monitor and manage your mixed workload environment with the best in the industry workload management software. Teradata Workload Management packs capabilities designed to get the best efficiency and performance out of your data warehousing system.


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Benefits of Teradata Workload Management

  • Align Workload Priorities with Business Needs – Classify database requests into workloads and assign resources based on business requirements and priority so the most business critical workload receives the highest priority.
  • Achieve Consistent Performance – Through the use of various prioritization techniques, make efficient use of resources by giving the highest priority to important tactical work resulting in stabile response times and better end-user experiences.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Give your administrators the tools to proactively manage complex workloads and make the most of your existing data warehouse server capacity without additional expansion costs.


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Key Features


Teradata Workload Management provides features in the following key workload management concepts:

  • Workload Definitions: Classify groupings of work based on characteristics, and then manage behavior rules for each of the workloads.
  • Priority Management: Manage the priorities for different types of workload through a hierarchy of tiers. Also manage system resources - CPU and I/O - based on priority of the workload.
  • Virtual Partitions: Create a collection of workloads for distinct business units or geographic entities that require strict separation of workloads and resources.
  • Concurrency Control: Filter out or reject certain types of queries based on predefined criteria and / or limit the number of active queries in the system.  
  • Active Work Management: Recognize queries that are over-consuming resources and trigger actions or notifications.
  • Automated Setup Changes: Automatically change workload management settings based on different business processing periods and health of the system.
  • Workload Management Portlets: Enable administrators to set up, manage, model, and monitor their mixed workload environment using highly interactive and customizable Teradata Viewpoint portlets:
    • Workload Designer – enables the administrator to setup the workload definitions and priorities
    • Workload Monitor – provides a complete end-to-end view of the workload performance
    • Workload Health – displays a list view of all workload definitions and the status of service level goal.


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Product Options

  • Teradata Integrated Workload Management – Provides features that effectively manage basic data warehouse environment ts.
  • Teradata Active System Management (TASM) – Offers all of the features and capabilities of Teradata Integrated Workload Management, plus additional advanced workload management capabilities suitable for mixed workload environments.


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