Monitor Performance from Anywhere

Viewpoint provides powerful systems management and monitoring across the enterprise for both administrators and business users.

Meeting your business needs

Intuitive Web-Based Access to System Status

This advanced web-based systems management portal for Teradata performance and health management is easy to use, even for novices. It provides a consistent interface via configurable portlets which allows the user to customize their own systems management dashboard.

Managers & Business Users Save Time

Viewpoint is easy to deploy across your company to business users, managers, and DBAs because it can be accessed from various devices using popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. The result? Productivity soars as everyone makes more effective use of your Teradata solution. 

Low Cost Deployment & Maintenance

Before Viewpoint, updating client tools required installing software on all end-user desktop PCs, making  updates problematic and time consuming. But since Viewpoint is a browser-based solution, those man-hours are no longer necessary. Plus Viewpoint’s zero-client footprint means any new updates can be deployed in the Viewpoint server and used via a web browser.

Monitor Resource & Space Utilization

With Viewpoint, DBAs can determine system status, trends and individual query status. By observing trends in system capacity usage, they can plan new project implementations, batch jobs and maintenance better around peak usage periods.

Manage Query Execution

Viewpoint users and programmers can watch their queries running like a car dashboard. When something bad happens, the red light blinks on. If the query is stalled – a red light – you can call the help desk.  If the queries are running fast, you can submit a few more and get more work done. 

Safe & Secure

Viewpoint's security is provided by a fully-featured, roles-based permissions engine that can function in standalone mode or seamlessly integrate with your pre-existing enterprise authentication solution via LDAP, such as Active Directory. DBAs appreciate the advanced authorization system that gives great flexibility in defining which users can perform specific actions and access to specific data, systems, or portlets.

Rewind & Go Back in Time

Rewind allows the user to go back in time and rewind many of the Viewpoint portlets to a specific date or time in the past. This cutting-edge feature gives users an easy way to investigate past system occurrences or issues and to greatly reduce the amount of time to find a potential problem query or job. 

Self-contained System Management Appliance

Viewpoint comes bundled with hardware and software that you can plug in and use right away. It contains a delivery framework for all the Teradata management tools you need - including the Teradata Portal, a data collection service (DCS) database, a web server and numerous portlets which display vital information.
Viewpoint for Developers

Manage Multiple Systems

Viewpoint’s Data Collection System lets you monitor every system in your Unified Data Architecture from a single location. Teradata, Teradata Aster and Hadoop systems are all supported.
Viewpoint for Developers

Rich Library of Growing Teradata Management Portlets

Teradata currently provides portlet bundles that cover comprehensive Teradata management, mixed workload monitoring, and end-user self-service. Viewpoint also offers portlet bundles for Data Mover, Data Labs and Multi-System Workflow Management.
Viewpoint for Developers


"Overall, Viewpoint makes performance metrics readily available, and we're getting a lot of useful information with a lot less effort."

Sandra Tang, Senior Manager IT, Database Administration, Office Depot

Office Depot uses Teradata Viewpoint for smarter query management

Instead of generating endless capacity reports, Viewpoint allows Office Depot's DBAs to free up their time for other valuable tasks. Greater visibility lets DBAs spread the knowledge of system performance by watching what's going on in applications in real-time.They can readily identify users who are spending too much time on system and whose queries are performing poorly so they can fine-tune performance. 

You might say Viewpoint empowers Office Depot DBAs to coach end-users to use the system more innovatively and efficiently.