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Grainger: Leveraging Profitability Analytics with Data Driven Finance for Growth

A Fortune 500 company, WW Grainger sought to cut through common CFO challenges of cost reduction, transparancy, flexibility and profitability with the help of Teradata's profitablity analytic capabilities. The solution paid for itself in four months and helped to identify $80M in revenue for additional lift.

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Teradata Value Analyzer (TVA) improves your profitability analytics by calculating a behavioral-based, enterprise-wide view of value — by customer, product, sales channel or organization. Instead of traditional value averages and summary information, TVA uses detailed activity data to create more accurate measurements of profitability and help you make strategic and tactical decisions in critical functions including marketing, product management, distribution and finance.

Features & Benefits

Teradata Value Analyzer can help many vital departments in your organization:

  • Increase wallet share with effective targeting of campaigns and accurate segmentation of customers
  • Access channel value, usage and optimization
  • Design cost-effective, customer-centric offers
  • Align investment in customer servicing and relationship management
  • Minimize churn with relevant products and relationship pricing
  • Clarity of cost and expense drivers for improved cost management

Primary Components

  • A best in class logical and physical data model
  • A graphical user interface (GUI) for business rules and parameters
  • Professional Services Consultants with Data Warehousing & Profitability Expertise

Next Steps

Transportation Profitability Analytics

Profitability analytics using Teradata Value Analyzer enables data to be integrated and analyzed from across the company to understand the profitability of each customer, shipment, facility, shipping lane, geography, and more.

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