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Premier Cloud Support

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Support for Teradata Software on AWS

Teradata Premier Cloud Support is bundled with your paid AWS subscription; it helps you react quickly and effectively to events that could put your data warehouse at risk. Backed by our extensive network of remote service representatives – professionals steeped in years of experience with Teradata technologies – we provide comprehensive problem resolution when it counts.

Teradata Premier Cloud Support provides:

Note: Teradata Premier Cloud Support is accessed via Teradata Support. Every Teradata Database on AWS customer must register their AWS account for a Teradata Support account even if you already have access to Teradata Support for other Teradata products.


Register Now for Access to Teradata Support

Access to Teradata Support requires that you have a SiteID and a Teradata Support account. What is a SiteID?

If you already have a SiteID and Teradata Support account for Teradata Database on AWS, then Login to Teradata Support.  

Note: If you have an existing Teradata Support account for a site other than Teradata Database on AWS, you will need to register your Teradata on AWS account with your existing Teradata Support logon (email), which will then then allow you to link the accounts together.

How to find your AWS Account ID?

Have a question? Ask the Teradata Database on AWS Forum.

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Bring Your Own License (BYOL)?
Create your own Site ID by entering 5 to 9 alphanumeric characters which will follow the preset letters "AMZTDB". Special characters and spaces are not allowed. There is no difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. Example: Bank of Smith might choose the following Site ID: "AMZTDBBoSProd2".
Already contracted with Teradata Managed Services?
Registration, Site ID, and Login will be provided within one U.S. business day.


Premier Cloud Support

Hours of Coverage and Response Times

Software Hours of Coverage (Sev 1) = 24 x 7
Software Hours of Coverage (Sev 2, 3, 4) = 9x5
Remote Response Time (Sev 1, 2) = 2 Hours
Remote Response Time (Sev 3, 4) = Next Business Day

What To Do If You Are Experiencing A Problem

Step 1: Verify status of hardware via the Amazon Health Dashboard for your location/Server.

Step 2: Visit our Teradata Database on AWS Forum to see if your issue and its resolution are already identified.

Step 3: If not, log in to Teradata Support and search the Knowledge Repositories to see if your issue and its resolution are already identified.

Step 4: If not, submit a ticket for problem resolution within Teradata Support. 

For more information about Teradata Premier Cloud Support, please visit this page.