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Self-Service Analytics for Business Users

Direct access to Teradata Database from Excel®, Tableau®, and SAP® Business Objects™

Enable self-service analytics for business users with popular Business Intelligence (BI) tools and real-time access to corporate data stored in the Teradata Data Warehouse. Eliminate data inconsistencies and security concerns associated with extracting and locally storing corporate data within the BI tools.

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Business Benefits

  • No more out-of-date data = Unlimited analytic possibilities: Gain the most comprehensive, enterprise view of data possible through a direct access to Teradata Database, the world’s most powerful database
  • Immediate access to the freshest data: Direct and real-time access to data warehouse minimizes missed business opportunities and increases competitive advantage
  • No learning curve: Users continue to use popular BI tools they are already familiar with – Microsoft Excel PivotTable, Tableau, and SAP BusinessObjects — to keep pace with the speed of business
  • No more data inconsistencies: Centralized access to the enterprise data warehouse ensures data consistencies in reports and analytics across the company


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IT Benefits

  • Stop spreadsheet data marts: Stop data being duplicated locally all over the organization by enabling BI tools’ direct access to the data
  • Secure data access: Manage data security for sensitive data through Teradata security log-in and access controls
  • Lower TCO: Reduce resource and infrastructure costs for creating data extraction methods and maintaining data loading processes
  • Manage system workload and resources: Control system performance and increase user satisfaction by taking advantage of the power, scalability, and parallelism of the Teradata Database and Teradata Workload Management

Relational OLAP Solution Demo

See how Teradata products work together to deliver direct data access to business users.

Solution Demo

OLAP Connector Demo

See how Teradata OLAP Connector enables easy data analysis using Microsoft Excel PivotTable.

Connector Demo

Schema Workbench Demo

See how Teradata Schema Workbench enables consistent and secure data access to your data.

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OLAP Connector Brochure

Teradata OLAP Connector helps users get faster response and make smarter decisions.


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