Teradata Decision Experts

Accelerated Financial Analytics for Oracle and Peoplesoft ERP Environments

Accelerated Financial Analytics for Oracle and Peoplesoft ERP Environments Teradata Decision Experts

Streamline your financial reporting, analytics, and performance management infrastructure with Teradata Decision Experts. Achieve data transparency into financial details, speed accounting close processes and reduce infrastructure cost through the power of a pre-built, end-to-end financial analytic solution.

Answer Your Own Financial Analytic Questions

The Teradata Decision Experts finance-focused data models provide you with a comprehensive view of Oracle Financials and PeopleSoft Financial Management data. Leverage a simple, business user focused semantic data model that empowers your users to write their own meaningful queries and answer their own questions.  

Accelerate Accounting Close Processes

Use Teradata Decision Experts to create a single, unified view of account balances, so business users can develop and monitor consistent enterprise financial performance metrics and identify trends in near real-time.  Get faster access to detailed journal entry data, help speed your close process and your staff’s ability to explain performance variances.

Focus on Analyzing, not Validating

The power of Teradata Decision Experts’ pre-built sourcing intelligence and analytic domains is we give your staff reliable, insightful access to your core ERP data. This allows them to focus on decision support activities, not costly data validation and reconciliation. 

Advise the Business Through the Power of Multi-Dimensional Insight

The Decision Experts finance-focused data models, are flexible financial analytic applications arranged around key ERP financial modules. This allows you to link financial data to the operational driver data that helps explain revenue growth and cost overruns. Tie data from core modules for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing and Fixed Assets, to information in modules associated with Project Accounting, Inventory, Human Resources, Payroll and Order Management.

Reduce Cost of Data Duplication

Partner with Teradata Decision Experts and you will have the ability to integrate, in a modular fashion, all your relevant financial and operational data on the same platform. This eliminates the infrastructure and manual validation costs associated with disconnected data sources and independent data marts. In turn, this not only minimizes operational costs, it provides you with the security of a sustainable, scalable finance systems architecture.

Decision Experts Overview  

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 Decision Experts Analytic Domains 

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