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Benefits of Teradata Database

  • Fastest and most insightful analytics throughout your enterprise
  • Get the same Teradata Database on multiple deployment options
  • High performance, diverse queries, in-database analytics and sophisticated workload management

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What's New


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Licensing and Bundling Options

Teradata Database license tiers give you flexibility in how you purchase and deploy the Teradata Database. Benefits of this innovative licensing model include:

  • Four simplified tiers based on workload profiles
  • Bundled database features across all tiers
  • Subscription-Based Licensing
  • Portability of license from on-premises to public and private cloud options

Licensing & Bundling Options


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Advanced Features & Usage

  • Hybrid Row/Column Data Storage (Video)
  • Full Bi-Temporal Tables and Queries (Brochure)
  • In-Memory Optimization and Vectorization
  • Automatic Multi-Temperature Data Management  (Video)
  • JSON Integration / Schema on Read (Article)
  • Embed Your Favorite Script Language (Article)
  • Geospatial Analytics (Article)
  • Teradata QueryGrid™ Support
  • Additional Features
    • Virtualized Everything Architecture
    • Industry’s Most Intelligent Cost Based Optimizer
    • Automated and Low Administration
    • Teradata Software-Defined Warehouse
    • State of the Art Security
  • Data Resilience using Fallback (White Paper)

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Teradata Everywhere™

Now With Teradata Database your analytical ecosystem is as dynamic as your business

  • Enjoy flexibility of system architecture, deployment options and purchasing models
  • Implement hybrid on-premises and cloud-based architectures with multiple systems to enhance availability, disaster recovery, and business models
  • Incorporate data gravity into efficient environment-wide architecture by using platform choice to minimize data movement and duplication (e.g., co-locate analytical system and source data generating systems)
  • Future-proof the analytical environment because as your business changes, the database platform can change as needed
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Deployment Options

  • Hybrid Cloud — Mix of IntelliCloud, public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises resources orchestrated to work together
  • On-Premises — Built from the ground up to be mission critical and highly responsive
  • Teradata IntelliCloud — Our newest generation secure managed cloud offering that provides data and analytic software as a service (SaaS)
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud — Deploy quickly and easily with low cost using your organization's in-house virtualization environment


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A free developer version of the Teradata Database, fully configured and ready to run. Evaluate, develop and test new features, theories or data.

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