Teradata Columnar

Hybrid Row/Column Data Storage

Utmost design flexibility with the Enterprise capabilities of Teradata Database

Teradata Columnar

Columnar oriented database storage attracts attention for its promise to speed performance by reducing disk I/O and improve data compression.  But, most columnar implementations come with major trade-offs.  Teradata Columnar includes many technological firsts and overcomes the limitations to provide the utmost physical database design flexibility for the best results no matter what your requirements.

Teradata Columnar is a hybrid row/column capability with the unique capability to store part of a row in column orientation and part in row orientation.  You are free to mix and match row and column at will within your data to create the optimum structure matching your data and query patterns.

Teradata Columnar is also fully integrated into the Teradata Database, so all of the enterprise performance, availability, security, and management features of Teradata Database are available for whatever physical storage format you choose.

Teradata Columnar: A Smarter Way To Do Analytics

Multi-dimensional I/O Reduction

Teradata Columnar works in conjunction with Teradata Database’s multi-dimensional row partitioning for both vertical and horizontal partition elimination. You query only accesses the referenced columns in the specified partitions (e.g., date range).

Teradata performance features and workload management apply to columnar data and row data. Apply the full breadth of Integrated Data Warehouse workloads without hesitation. Operational queries enjoy the unique pinpoint internal data access to a single row by directly accessing row utilizing a single unit of parallelism. Extreme operational query concurrency is achieved by involving minimal system resources and reading minimal data at the same time broad table scans take advantage of the columnar storage to scan only the columns needed. 

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Teradata Columnar: Pillar of Performance

Teradata Columnar and Teradata 14 compression

Reliability and Availability

Teradata Database industry leading reliability and availability ensures business users and applications have complete access to their data, whenever and from wherever they need.  Teradata Columnar is part of Teradata Database, not a bolt-on.  It is built on the multi-dimensional partitioning foundation which has been part of the database for years.  Therefore, you can count on your data to be available and your business to operate uninterrupted regardless of the best physical data layout for your data and workload.

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