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Analyze Anything with Teradata Analytics Platform

Analytic Platform with the flexibility to support preferred analytic tool

Learn about Teradata Analytics Platform: Overview, Benefits, Success Stories, Deployment Options, Demos, and Features.

Now data scientists can execute a wide variety of commercial and open source advanced analytics techniques, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), within a single workflow.

  • Analytic Functions and Engines – Integrates Teradata and Aster technologies, allowing data scientists to execute a wide variety of advanced techniques to prepare and analyze data in a single workflow, at speed and scale.  In the near future, the Teradata Analytics Platform will include Spark and TensorFlow engines to provide quick and easy access to a full range of algorithms.
  • Preferred Analytic Tools and Languages – Provides easy access to commercial and open-source analytic technologies and programming languages. Python, R, SAS, or SQL savvy analysts can quickly and easily access and analyze data in their language of choice. Analytic users can also leverage their favorite tools such as Jupyter, RStudio, and KNIME.
  • Multiple data types – Allows businesses to ingest and analyze data types such as text, spatial, CSV, and JSON formats, including support of Avro, an open-source data type that allows programmers to dynamically process schemas.


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Benefits of Teradata Analytics Platform

  • Simplify data access to both data warehouse and data lakes
  • Accelerate data preparation with embedded analytics
  • Quick and easy access to cutting-edge advanced analytics and AI technologies
  • Support preferred data science workbenches and languages such as R, Python, and SQL
  • Operationalize prescriptive analytics to enable autonomous decisioning
  • De-risk your analytical architecture with Teradata Everywhere

Analytic Functions and Engines

Accelerate analytic processing with in-database time series and Aster path, pattern, text, attribution, and scoring functions.


Industry’s First: 4D Analytics

Teradata makes it easy to operationalize advanced analytics that integrate IoT edge computing and business data, producing new analytics insights that supercharge smart cities, wearables, transportation and fleet management.


Easy-to-use Workbenches

Data scientists and business analysts can leverage workbenches such as Jupyter, KNIME, RStudio, SAS and Dataiku to access Teradata analytics.


Flexible Data Types

Advanced analytics requires the support of diverse data types to solve a variety of use cases.


Teradata Everywhere™

How can you move fast today but also accommodate future changes in a low-risk, agile manner? With Teradata Everywhere.


Time Series in Teradata DBS

Integrate IoT data into your data warehouse for rapid analytics and business insights at scale



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Success Stories


Data-driven strategy for business insights

NCR Case Study

Create new revenue streams, increase loyalty

O2 Case Study

Data and analytics for soulful customer connection

Overstock Case Study
Royal Bank of Canada

A single and complete view of every customer

RBC Case Study

Fast, reliable and efficient transportation via analytics.

Siemens Case Study

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6 Flexible Deployment Options


Teradata delivers flexible deployment options that let you choose on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, and/or managed cloud options, all of which use the same software. Learn more about our Hybrid Cloud options.


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How to Prevent Customer Churn in Financial Services

See how financial institutions do path and pattern analysis, combined with statistical predictive analysis, to identify common customer behaviors and proactively detect customers at risk of churn.

Grow Loyalty of Influential Customers

See how you can identify your influential customers and grow their loyalty with speed and minimal effort using the Teradata Aster Analytics.