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Multiple Data Warehouses in One System

Deploy Multiple Secure Database “Zones” with the Push of a Button

The Teradata Secure Zones feature included in the Teradata Database simplifies agile and secure deployment of multiple data warehouses within a single Teradata Database system without an additional hardware investment.


use cases

Teradata Secure Zones Use Cases

  • Multi-Tenant/Multi-National Data Warehouse Deployment - Separately manage data and users from multiple business units, organizations, or geographic areas
  • Business-to-Business Analytic Services - Simplify the hosting and managing of secure analytic services for your partners or customers
  • Data Mart Consolidation - Multiple data marts consolidated into a single system reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) and provides a simpler way for users to gain an enterprise view of the data, while continuing to physically segregate the data


how it works

How It Works

Teradata Secure Zones provides a software-driven way to quickly create secure “zones”:

  • Physically and securely isolates data and users from each other in segregated areas within a single data warehouse system
  • Provides built-in security mechanism in which users within a zone have no access or visibility to objects within other zones
  • Allows data isolation so that each zone appears to its users as the entire system
  • Simplified administration of zones and zone users available through our free downloadable database administration tool; create and drop zones with the push of a button



Teradata’s Software-Defined Data Warehouse


Teradata Secure Zones is a key part of Teradata’s Software-Defined Warehouse solution, which provides agility and software-driven “at the push of a button” simplicity in managing and deploying data warehouse resources and security.
With Teradata Software-Defined Warehouse, you can achieve:

  • Increased agility to react to business changes through self-service data and analytics
  • Lower TCO while completely segregating data, users, applications, or workloads from each other
  • Faster deployment of analytic capability while controlling I/O, CPU, and security at a fine-grained level
  • Alignment of system performance and service level goals with business priorities

 Teradata Software-Defined Warehouse solution consists of:

  • Teradata Secure Zones - Create grouping of user & database hierarchies into separate database partitions with restriction of user access
  • Teradata Data Lab - Deploy self-service BI and analytics that let your business users explore and examine new ideas by combining new data with existing warehouse data to quickly test new data and theories for maximum business agility
  • Teradata Workload Management - Manage and monitor complex workloads and make the most of your existing data warehouse system capacity

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