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Processing Across all Workload Engines

Enable a data fabric with seamless multi-system analytics for the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ with Teradata QueryGrid™.

Learn about Teradata QueryGrid: Business Benefits, IT-Benefits,and Resources.


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Business Benefits

  • No hassle analytics with a seamless data fabric across all of your data and analytical engines
  • Get the most out of your data by taking advantage of specialized processing engines operating as a cohesive analytic environment
  • Transparently harness the combined power of multiple analytic engines to address a business question
  • Self-service data and analytics across all systems through SQL


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IT Benefits

  • Automate and optimize use of your analytic systems through “push-down” processing across platforms
  • Minimize data movement and process data where it resides
  • Minimize data duplication
  • Transparently automate analytic processing and data movement between systems
  • Enable easy bi-directional data movement
  • Integrated processing without administrative challenges
  • Leverage the analytic power and value of your Teradata Database, Teradata Aster Database, open-source Presto and Hive for Hadoop, Oracle Database, and powerful languages such as SAS, Perl, Python, Ruby, and R.
  • High performance query plans using data from other sources while using systems within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture such as passing workload priorities makes the best use of available resources

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Use Cases

Analytics in action with Teradata QueryGrid.

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