• Teradata Parallel Transporter

  • An enterprise with multiple business silos works better when the units function harmoniously as a whole. Likewise, separate data warehouse tools are more productive when they are combined within the same infrastructure — when they speak the same language and communicate as one.

    Teradata Parallel Transporter is one example of products working together within an active data warehouse. This new-generation product simplifies the data loading process by running the protocols used by each of the Teradata Load and Unload Utilities as modules or operators: load, update, export and stream.

    Unlike conventional utilities and products in which multiple data sources are usually processed in a serial manner, Teradata Parallel Transporter can access multiple data sources in parallel. This ability can lead to increased throughput. Teradata Parallel Transporter also allows different specifications for different data sources and, if their data is UNION-compatible, merges them together.

    Teradata Parallel Transporter was designed for increased functionality and customer ease of use for faster, easier and deeper integration. The capabilities include:

    • Simplified data transfer between one Teradata Database and another; only one script is required to export from the production-and-load test system.
    • Ability to load dozens of files using a single script makes development and maintenance of the data warehouse easier.
    • Distribution of workloads across CPUs on the load server eliminates bottlenecks in the data load process.
    • Data flows through multiple instances of UPDATE OPERATOR and in-memory data streams to update tables.
    • Option is available to export data to in-memory data stream instead of landing data.
    • The open database connectivity (ODBC) operator reads from the ODBC driver, which could pull data from any database; for example, DB2 or Oracle.
    • Accessibility to myriad data sources via open standards is possible.
    • Multiple operators can scan directories for files to load and can combine the data in the in-memory data stream with UNION ALL operation and stream operator loads.
    • Script-building wizard is available to aid first-time users.

    Primary Components

    Load Operator, using the FastLoad protocol, is a parallel load utility designed to move large volumes of data collected from data sources on channel- and network-attached clients into empty tables in the Teradata Database.

    Update Operator optimizes batch operations that rapidly acquire, process and apply data to tables in a Teradata Database by using the MultiLoad protocol. For data maintenance, MultiLoad updates, inserts and upserts large volumes of data into empty or populated tables and/or deletes data from the tables. MultiLoad works at the data block level, providing an alternative to insert/select operations that touch a significant portion of the target table. A single MultiLoad job can maintain up to five Teradata tables by extracting large volumes of data, locking the destination tables and then loading data using block level updates.

    Export Operator exports large data sets from Teradata tables or views and imports the data to a client's system for processing or generating large reports or for loading data into a smaller database. It uses the FastExport protocol. Like all Teradata load utilities, FastExport can export data to channel- or network-attached client systems. FastExport also provides session control and data handling specifications for the data transfer operations.

    Stream uses the SQL-based TPump protocol, not block-based, for continuous loading that is designed to move data from data sources into Teradata tables without locking the affected table. TPump loads near- real-time data into the data warehouse, allowing users to maintain fresh, accurate data for up-to-the-minute decision making. TPump can be used to insert, update, upsert and delete data in the Teradata Database, particularly for environments where batch windows are shrinking and data warehouse maintenance overlaps normal working hours. Because the TPump protocol uses row hash locks, users can run queries even while they are updating the Teradata system.

    Script Converters

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