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Enterprise wide platform for ingesting high volume real-time streams of data

Leverage a central platform across the enterprise for capturing and controlling large volumes of real-time streams from any source such as websites, IoT, social feeds, system and application logs.

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Pre-built integration with Teradata UDA

Pre-integration with Teradata UDA allows users to easily persist the data in real-time or batches to Teradata, Aster or Hadoop.

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Automatic Metrics Calculation

The intuitive dashboards on Teradata Listener provides understanding of the volume, latency health of your streaming pipelines at a glance.

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Integrate with external apps

Easy to use APIs to develop custom processing of the real-time streams, build real-time streaming analytics, power real-time dashboards and generate alerts.

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Self-service for users

Users no longer need to wait for IT to get data into their platform of choice. With Teradata Listener, any user in the enterprise can easily add data streams to Teradata Listener and persist the data in a location they have access to.

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Fully supported and enterprise grade

Users do not need to understand the complexities of the various Open Source solutions used by Listener.

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Microservice cloud architecture

Built for on-premises cloud or external cloud infrastructures. It is composed of individual micoservices, each with its own public API and placed in Docker containers so that any component of Listener can be scaled for performance or availability.

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Modern UI & UX

Teradata Listener provides a simple user experience built on Material Design.


Teradata Listener enables customers to ingest high volume, real-time data streams and to persist the data from those streams to Teradata, Aster or Hadoop.

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