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Radically Simplify Big Data Streaming

Teradata Listener™

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Capture & Configure Data in Real-Time

The emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and continued growth of streaming data creates new challenges in deploying simple, reliable and scalable systems to capture all data in real-time. Especially one that is self-service for rapidly configuring new data streams

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The Solution to Big Data Streaming Needs

Radically simplify your big data streaming needs with Teradata Listener, an intelligent, self-service software solution.

Ingest High Volume, Continuous Data Streams

Unify the big data ingestion process by capturing multiple, high volume data streams continuously from a variety of sources, and persisting them into one or more of the data stores.

Self-Service for Your Business Users

Instead of overloading IT staff with tickets and requests, put the power into your business users’ hands. With Listener, you will never have to raise any IT tickets to access new data streams.

Retain control with complete visibility

Get a complete, transparent picture of what is happening to your data ingestion and distribution pipelines through the monitoring dashboards. Listener alerts you when a data source stops emitting data or a target is not accepting new data.

Run Listener in the Cloud or On-Premise

As a software only solution, Teradata Listener can be deployed anywhere: OnPremises or Cloud. Listener runs on commodity server hardware or on any private/public cloud infrastructure running OpenStack.

Scale As You Grow

Built with microservices architecture and docker containers, each service on Teradata Listener is contained its own container to scale seamlessly to 100’s of applications or data streams, independent of other system components.

Best of Opensource & Teradata expertise

Listener is comprised of RESTFul APIs and Apache open-source technologies -- Kafka, ElasticSearch, and Mesos — and best of teradata engineering innovation to deliver an integrated, supported, enterprise grade ingestion solution.