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Industry First: Teradata Database Portability from On-Premises to Private & Public Cloud

Learn more about Teradata Database Licensing Options: Overview, Tier Options, Software Features, License Portability, and Resources.


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Teradata Database Now Portable Across the Entire Ecosystem

Teradata is once again redefining the data warehouse industry by making the Teradata Database portable across the entire spectrum of the Hybrid Cloud (on-premises, private and public cloud) ecosystem

Teradata is moving away from our perpetual licensing to subscription-based licensing to make this portability possible. By moving away from perpetual licensing, Teradata customers will enjoy lower up front costs, more consistent subsequent costs and included database software upgrades.

This also means Teradata customers can now take their subscription-based Teradata Database license and redeploy it on other platform options ranging from a physical on-premises data warehouse to a managed, private cloud, or even the public cloud with Amazon or Azure offerings. 

This gives customers complete flexibility to match their business and analytic needs and to quickly accommodate changes as they occur. This opens up a new dimension in the usage and deployment of Teradata Database.

In order for this portability to be fully leveraged, the user and administration experience of using the Teradata Database must be consistent across all deployment options. Announced in 2016, Teradata Everywhere gives you the same Teradata Database regardless of where you run it or what deployment option you choose. This uniformity along with our new tiered and bundled licensing means you spend less time managing your database development and deployments, and more time focused on making the business successful.


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Tier Options

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These four tiers span the deployment options, so that where you want to run Teradata Database is no longer limited by what deployment option you choose. The four tiers range from a free Developer license all the way up to our Enterprise license which features Teradata’s world class workload management and most advanced memory optimizations.

  • Developer — Designed specifically for customers that are developing new applications. It is a free tier for deployment in a non-production environment. Developer is available in software-only versions on public cloud or as VMware to run on non-Teradata hardware.
  • Base — Designed for low concurrency, entry-level data warehouses. It is available on cloud and on-premises. It is not on the 6xxx/IntelliFlex integrated data warehouse platform as the feature set is not applicable for the advanced capabilities of that platform.
  • Advanced — Supports high-concurrency production mixed workload environments. It includes the Integrated Workload Management and Intelligent Memory features. This option is available on-premises and on every cloud option.
  • Enterprise — This top-tier plan includes a more robust Teradata Active System Management, In-Memory Optimization, as well as the Intelligent Memory optimizations. Enterprise is available with on-premises and on every cloud option.


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Software Features Available in Each Tier

By having consistent bundled database features, you can develop new capabilities on the lowest Developer tier in a private or public cloud and then seamlessly deploy the applications anywhere else in your Teradata ecosystem.

It is important to note that you will also not pay for features that are not applicable to the tier. For example, you would not pay for active workload management or memory optimizations on the Base and Developer tiers as these features are not necessary to those profiles.  

In-Memory OptimizationNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot OfferedIncluded
Intelligent MemoryNot ApplicableNot ApplicableIncludedIncluded
Row-level SecurityIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Secure ZonesIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Workload ManagementNot ApplicableNot ApplicableTIWMTASM


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License Portability Based on a Consistent Consumption Metric (TCore)

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Unlike other vendors whose licenses are based on the number of nodes or amount of storage, the TCore model takes both the CPU and IO bandwidth into consideration. This provides you with the most accurate value of the system configuration.

The TCore metric provides a transparent and consistent measurement of a system configuration which takes the number of cores available and discounts that by the IO available to keep the cores busy. This calculation is effective across all deployment options and thereby gives a compatible measurement to allow license portability from one platform to another.

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