Ecosystem Manager

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Teradata Ecosystem Manager

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Teradata Ecosystem Manager Monitor, administer and control all components, load processes, data synchronization, level between systems and exception reporting within your dual or single system Teradata data warehouse environment with Teradata Ecosystem.



  • Monitor the health of ETL servers, ETL processes, your Teradata system(s), your database, BI servers, applications, resources, and data synchronization levels.
  • Meet SLAs of your entire data warehouse environment by getting a consolidated, application level status view within a single consule.
  • See the health of applications running at multiple sites via the at-a-glance view of all supporting components, processes, and data.
  • Take automated action whenever specific conditions are met, including automatic notification to those specific users who may be affected.
  • Application-approach to ensuring continuous availability makes it ideal for shifting workloads between Teradata dual systems.
  • Easily coordinate processes during either planned or unplanned outages for even higher levels of availability.
  • Create a single operational view and automated controls for monitoring and alerting on load processes, data currency, exception reporting, exceeding of thresholds.



  • Ensure you meet service level agreements (SLAs) by pinpointing failures and reacting quickly to problems such as ETL server fails, incomplete load processing or inability to access your database eact quickly to data warehouse issues.
  • Understand state detection and event correlation among systems, processes, applications, and end-user experiences.
  • Understand how a single component or process affects another component or process anywhere else in the enterprise.

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