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Often it is unclear how IT initiatives support and align with business goals. While IT projects are often cost-driven; business efforts are frequently revenue driven. Teradata’s Data and Analytic Strategy Services helps reconcile the different perspectives between business and IT, to ultimately share a common vision. Teradata accomplishes this via accelerating the process of identifying the most critical analytics use cases and then building an Analytics Road Map to enable these use cases.


First: We Accelerate the Identification of Targeted Use Cases

If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there. With Teradata’s new Business Value Framework and the Rapid Analytic Consulting Engagement (RACE) methodology businesses can now accelerate the process of aligning key stakeholders around the highest value use cases and then leverage data and analytics to demonstrate the value of deploying new analytic capabilities.

Our Business Value Framework and RACE methodology is comprised of hundreds of proven analytic uses cases that encapsulate the leading practices developed over thousands of successful analytic client engagements. The Business Value Framework defines these analytic use cases across both industry and functional domain dimensions. 

Each use case includes:

  • Analytic business questions addressed
  • Required data elements
  • Proven analytic techniques
  • Relevant KPI’s
  • Demonstrated business improvement ranges.
  • Key analytic drivers based on analytics and business capabilities and goals
  • A maturity assessment of your analytic capabilities and recommended analytics future state 

Then: We Build a Roadmap to Implement Identified Analytics Initiatives

To support your defined use cases requires a roadmap so the business and IT both understand the building blocks needed to meet the objectives. Without the perspective of an analytics roadmap, resources will tend to react only to the issue of the day and lose sight of the longer term goals.



Lastly: Plan Your Architecture

For any analytics initiative to be successful, the use cases, roadmap and ultimately recommended technology solution must be in sync. For this reason Teradata’s Ecosystem Architecture Services helps businesses:

  • Determine the right technology, applications, systems and data required to support business priorities and optimize your analytic and data investments
  • Plan an ecosystem architecture to provide a foundation to enable the immediate analytic requirements outlined in the Analytics Roadmap and remain agile for your changing business environment

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