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IntelliCloud Free Trials & POCs

IntelliCloud Free Trials & POCs is a self-service web portal for exploring IntelliCloud Solutions through free hands-on demos. It provides an easy-to-use platform for demonstrating the rich capabilities of Teradata Database.

The initial launch of Free Trials & POCs showcases the Teradata Database using Teradata Studio and Teradata Viewpoint. All that is required is an email address, password, and organization; within minutes, a ready-to-use environment is created for you.


Users of the Free Trials service are given the opportunity to “kick the tires” of cloud solutions with guided tours packaged with access to tooling, sample data, and video content. The duration of a Free Trial is 10 calendar days.

Users wishing to enhance their experience by connecting their own applications or by bringing their own data may do so by requesting a Proof of Concept (POC) directly through the portal. Customer POC requests notify their respective account teams for further engagement.

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FAQ for IntelliCloud Free Trials & POCs

1. What are we announcing?
Teradata IntelliCloud Free Trials & POCs is a self-service portal that provides guided hands-on tours of IntelliCloud Solutions available on demand.

2. Who is the IntelliCloud Free Trials & POCs Service intended for?
The IntelliCloud Free Trials & POCs Service is targeted at existing Teradata customers and prospects wanting to “kick the tires” of IntelliCloud Solutions.

3. What are the benefits of using the IntelliCloud Free Trials & POCs Service?
The IntelliCloud Free Trials & POCs website provides a fully-automated self-service environment for customers and prospects to experience hands-on demonstrations of IntelliCloud solutions in an on-demand, self-service manner. Customers get a customized environment with guided tours and with access to solutions pre-loaded with data. When customers are ready for a more in-depth experience, they may request a Proof of Concept to engage the sales team.

4. How do I sign up for the IntelliCloud Free Trials & POCs Service?
Customers can visit to create an account. Only a valid email address, password and organization/company name are required to sign up. Upon registering, customers will receive an email containing a link to activate the account. They should click this link and log into their account; account activation is required to access Free Trials and to be able to request POCs.

5. What is an IntelliCloud solution?
An IntelliCloud solution is a cloud-based service offering deployed on Teradata-managed resources and infrastructure. This includes both Teradata infrastructure in data centers as well as public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and soon Microsoft Azure. An example of a solution is Teradata QueryGrid backed by IntelliCloud instances running Teradata Database 15.10 software.

6. What is a Free Trial?
A Free Trial is an IntelliCloud solution provisioned on-demand and made available to the customer for a limited time at no cost. It provides hands-on access to the product or service with a guided tour with sample data.

7. How long does a Free Trial last?
The Free Trial duration is 10 calendar days.

8. Can I extend the duration of my Free Trial?
No. Free Trials only last for the specified duration.

9. How do I request a Free Trial?
Create an account in the IntelliCloud Free Trials & POCs console at Locate the type of trial you want in the Solution Catalog and then click the “Start Free Trial” button. You will be notified via email when your environment is ready.

10. How do I access my Free Trial?
Customers can locate access information for their Free Trial via the Free Trials & POCs console. They can simply log in, navigate to the Dashboard and locate the running Free Trial. Click “Connect” and you will be shown the steps on how to access your trial. This page contains the network connection details you’ll need to access the solution from the Windows virtual desktop environment.

11. How long before my Free Trial is available after requesting it?
Free Trials are usually available within an hour after the request. You will receive an email notification when your environment is ready.

12. What Free Trials are available?
The initial launch of Free Trials & POCs showcases the Teradata Database. The trial includes access to a Microsoft Windows Virtual Machine (VM) that comes pre-loaded with the following:

Teradata Database v15.10.03 with the following enabled:

  • Columnar
  • Temporal
  • Row-level Security
  • 20GB sample data
    · Teradata Studio v16.0.2
    · Viewpoint v15.11.00
    · 6 guided tour videos
  • Welcome
  • Teradata Studio Introduction
  • Querying a Table in Teradata Studio
  • Creating a Table in Teradata Studio
  • Viewpoint Introduction
  • Querying Tables in Viewpoint

13. Can I load my own data into a Free Trial?
No, we do not allow customers to load their own data in the Free Trial. Customers wishing to bring their own data may do so with a Proof of Concept (POC).

14. Can I connect my own applications directly to the Free Trial database?
No. Free Trials are provided in an isolated environment with no external customer connectivity.

15. Can I access the Internet from within my Free Trial environment?
No. Internet connectivity from within the Free Trial environment is not available. This means you will not be able to access things like external websites from within the VM environment.

16. What support is available should I have a problem with my Free Trial environment?
If you have an issue with your Free Trial, please log into the console and submit a request by clicking the navigation icon (☰) in the upper left corner, click “Issues”, click the “+” icon on the bottom right, fill in the form describing your issue and click “Submit issue.” Our team will get back to you by the following business day.

17. How do I contact my account executive?
Once logged in, you can find your account executive’s name and contact information in the lower left-hand corner of the console.

18. What happens after my Free Trial expires?
When a Free Trial period is ending, you will receive an email notification from us. If you would like to load your own data or connect your own applications, we recommend requesting a Proof of Concept through the console. As part of this process, your account executive will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have.

19. What is a Proof of Concept (POC)?
A Proof of Concept is a customer engagement where Teradata provides an environment for evaluation of an IntelliCloud offering. The engagement is to demonstrate IntelliCloud performance and capability against defined and agreed-upon criteria. A typical POC includes some combination of IntelliFlex or IntelliBase instances, professional services and a customer agreement. This agreement is a contract or memo of understanding with the customer defining:

  • Goals and expected results of the POC
  • Customer’s commitment to purchase or to take other actions if Teradata demonstrates the specified performance criteria
  • Customer’s responsibility to provide resources and information in support of the POC

20. How long does a POC last?
This varies by customer and use case, however POCs generally last between 1 to 3 months.

21. How much does a POC cost?
POC costs vary by solution and duration and can be negotiated with the account team.

22. What POCs are available via the Free Trials and POCs portal?
The initial IntelliCloud Solution Catalog includes the following POCs:

  • Teradata Database v15.10 on IntelliCloud instance types (e.g., IntelliFlex and IntelliBase)

23. How do I request a POC?
In the console, locate the solution you wish to try and click “Request Proof of Concept.” From there, you will be asked to specify the following details:

  • Requested duration (number of months)
  • Approximate start date
  • Approximate data size (uncompressed TB)
  • Description of the problem you are trying to solve
  • Success criteria
  • Attach any text files providing additional detail such as architecture diagrams, data flow diagrams, etc.

Click “Request POC” and your account representative will contact you within 3 business days.

24. I’m interested in learning more about Teradata IntelliCloud; who should I contact?
Please contact your account executive using the contact details shown in the lower left corner of the console at Alternatively, you may contact the IntelliCloud team directly at; we will get back to you by the following business day.

25. What web browsers are supported by the Free Trials & POCs console?
Desktop browsers Chrome 56+, Firefox 51+, Safari 10+ and IE9+ are supported.

26. What are the system requirements for accessing Free Trials?

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
  • macOS 10.8.1 and above

27. How do I reset my password?
From the console, click “Sign in” and then “Forgot password?”. Enter the email address you used at registration and we will email you a link that you can use to reset your password.

28. How do I update my profile?
You may update your profile by clicking the navigation icon (☰) and clicking “Edit Profile.”

29. How do I change my password?
You may change your password by clicking the navigation icon (☰) and clicking “Edit Profile” followed by “Change Password.”

30. How do I cancel my Free Trial?
Log into the Free Trials & POCs console, locate your solution under “My Solutions” (note: It must be in an “Active” state), click “Manage” and then “Cancel.”

31. Can I restart my Free Trial after canceling it?
No. Once canceled, a Free Trial cannot be resumed.



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