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Consulting Services for Teradata Database on AWS

Teradata Consulting Services enable the design and delivery of a variety of high-impact solutions on AWS. Our service professionals bring their expertise and a full suite of services to yield successful implementation and results of your cloud projects to increase IT efficiency while enabling business agility.

Teradata Consulting Services help customers get the most return from their investments across the hybrid cloud. We can help you stand up short-term environments for discovery or architect a solution for long-term production use. We can also provide a fully Managed Public Cloud or supplement your IT staff with support and key positions.

Our services fall into three broad categories; scroll down to see more detailed info on each:




Cloud Workshop

Highly interactive and consultative workshop that helps you evaluate the suitability of a cloud environment for your specific business objectives.

  • Evaluate the potential business benefits of using a public or private cloud for your analytics needs
  • Review the current capabilities and limitations of leading cloud providers
  • Review common use cases for cloud-suitable workloads
  • Review security requirements and make recommendation of options to address these needs
  • Determine your organization's cloud readiness and requirements
  • Define potential scope and roadmap of creating / migrating workloads to the public / private cloud
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Architecture Service

Services designed to provide a comprehensive logical and physical architecture for a hybrid or public cloud-based analytical ecosystem design.

  • Review your current business needs and environment
  • Identify applications, solutions and/or workload suited for a public and/or hybrid cloud
  • Design a detailed logical and physical architecture for your analytical ecosystem on public cloud including the information, application and system components
  • Define the unique connectivity and data exchange requirements between your on-premises and cloud environment
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Migration Services

Migrate existing analytic solutions and workloads to the public cloud; this can include data warehouse, big data, data storage, and/or analytical applications.

  • Instantiate migration architecture within AWS
  • Recreate your data structure and processes within Teradata Database
  • Populate the newly created database structures with data via internet connection, storage device (i.e., Snowball, import/export), and/or an online data location (i.e., S3, Glacier)
  • Migrate BI / DI / applications
  • Conduct capability audits / inventories
  • Migration approach development
  • Data modeling and integration
  • Test migrated functionality in public cloud
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Onboarding Service

Flexible services to help you manage all aspects of establishing your cloud environment ranging from arm's length consultation to complete end-to-end responsibility for your cloud setup and onboarding process.

  • Instantiate recommended architecture on AWS
  • Provision the compute, storage, network components
  • Install the software products (i.e., Teradata, Hadoop, BI, DI, BAR, security) for your purchased and BYOL components
  • Configure secure access to the AWS environment
  • If required, setup DI / BI environments
  • Establish financial, security, and asset tracking controls appropriate for the intended use
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Data Ingest / Integration Service

Leverage Teradata’s Data Management expertise to help you design and implement the best data integration / ingest processes to support your cloud solution.

  • Define a data architecture that includes your source systems, public cloud, and on-premises environments
  • Leverage an optimal combination of third-party partners, open source, and/or Teradata DI products
  • Evaluate and implement best practices in areas such as DI, change data capture (CDC) and/or auditing balance controls
  • Develop, test, and deploy new Teradata SQL code or DI jobs to load and transform data as per your requirements
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Database Conversion Service

Forklift the data structures, code, and historical data from your Oracle, DB2, or SQL Server databases to Teradata Database on AWS.

  • Recreate your data structure within Teradata Database on AWS
  • Port or forklift of historical data to the newly created database structures
  • Provide an initial / historical data load into Teradata from other 3rd party databases
  • Using Teradata proprietary tools to kick-start SQL code conversion from other databases to Teradata resulting in significantly reduced manual effort
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Analytics Solution Services

Build custom BI and advanced analytic solutions in the public cloud. Leverage data you may already be storing in the cloud and the ability to scale the environment as your analytic requirements evolve.

  • Capture your requirements and use cases for the analytics solution
  • Complete a data discovery and exploration for identified use cases
  • Design, develop, and execute analytics, reports, dashboards, etc., using the best possible combination of tools available on AWS
  • Establish security controls appropriate for the intended use
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Education Services

In addition to the suggested general training options provided by AWS and the Teradata documentation “Teradata Database on AWS Overview”, we offer a wide range of technical training and education services for novice as well as expert users. Teradata Database on AWS training is available for:

  • Teradata Database
  • Teradata Data Mover
  • Teradata Ecosystem Manager
  • Teradata QueryGrid
  • Teradata Tools & Utilities
  • Teradata Viewpoint

Please visit the Teradata Education Network to get started.


Technical Services Advisor

Advisory service to answer all technical questions and accelerate the success of your Teradata or Hadoop analytical ecosystem on AWS.

  • Securing and optimizing cloud use
  • Mentoring for Teradata and Hadoop product use
  • Connecting and enabling the use of 3rd party / partner products
  • Software release, change, and risk management advice
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Critical System Management

Professional service management for your AWS environment.

  • Proactive monitoring for critical technical alerts that may impact your AWS solution
  • Custom reporting and reviews of all proactive and reactive services delivered
  • Identify and recommend major, minor, and maintenance releases, plus patches/ fixes for your AWS solution
  • Implementation of maintenance and patch software changes on your AWS solution
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Software Implementation

Planning and installation of maintenance and patch software changes to your AWS solution by experienced specialists.

  • Formal change control meetings, both before and after the upgrade
  • Identification of your optimal upgrade path on the AWS solution
  • Comprehensive change control plan for your AWS solution
  • Download and installation of new software maintenance, patches, and fixes
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Managed Services

Comprehensive service to manage and enhance your Teradata- or Hadoop-based analytical ecosystem on AWS.

  • Manage the operations and administration of your analytic ecosystem including DI/BI tools, Teradata Database, Hadoop, and all underlying cloud infrastructure components
  • Establish financial controls and alerts
  • Setup and monitoring of health dashboards, resources, logs, and events
  • Provide support for network connectivity between your AWS instances and your on-premises environment
  • Manage backups / restore of all workloads, server instances, and databases
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Managed BAR/DR

Industry-leading backup, archive, and disaster recovery solutions for your Teradata Database on AWS environment.

  • Create custom, fast, cost-effective backup and archive solution
  • Implementation of backup and archive solution, creation of backup scripts, testing, training, and consultation
  • Protect data in Teradata database
  • Flexible, proven, and tested disaster recovery solution
  • Increased business continuity
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Teradata Database on AWS offers quick time to value. Convenient bundles enable workload portability between cloud and on-premises systems.

Getting Started

AWS offers many powerful options. We provide intuitive instructions for launching and configuring Teradata software to help you get going right away.

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