A - Z Product List

A data and analytic-centric approach allows businesses to gain an edge over their competition and to discover previously unknown insights about their organization and customers. Use this A – Z Product list of data warehousing, analytics and marketing applications products to find the solution that best addresses your data and analytics needs You can also view Teradata's Product List by Product Category. You can also view Teradata's Product List by Product Category.

Active Enterprise Data Warehouse

Active System Manager (TASM)

Analytics (Aster Express, a Free Download)

Analytics as a Service (Aster)

Analytics on Hadoop (Aster)

Analytics Platform

Analytics Portfolio (Aster)

Appliance for Hadoop

Appliance for SAS®

Backup and Restore

Big Analytics Appliance (Aster)


Cloud, Hybrid

Cloud, Managed (Aster Analytics)

Cloud, Managed (Hadoop)

Cloud, Managed, Europe (Teradata Database)

Cloud, Managed, Americas (Teradata Database)

Cloud, Private (Teradata Database on VMware)

Cloud, Public (Aster Analytics on AWS)

Cloud, Public (Teradata Database on AWS)

Cloud, Public (Teradata Database on Azure)

Customer Interaction Manager

Data Lab

Data Mart Appliance

Data Mover

Data Warehouse Appliance

Database (Aster)

Database (Teradata Express, a Free Download)

Database (Teradata)  

Database JSON Integration  

Demand Chain Management

Ecosystem Manager

Integrated Big Data Platform



Intelligent Memory


OLAP Connector

Presto (Free Download)

Master Data Management

Module for Python


Real Time Marketing Interaction Manager

REST Services

Row Level Security

Secure Zones

SQL-GR (Aster / Connection Analytics)

SQL-MapReduce (Aster)


Studio Express

Teradata Analytics for Enterprise Applications

Teradata AppCenter



Workload Management