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Tools and Utilities for Your Integrated Data Warehouse

Your integrated data warehouse from Teradata is a significant investment. To make sure you get the most out of it from the very beginning, we provide you with a powerful set of tools and utilities that address your core data warehouse administration and database access needs.

Teradata tools and utilities incorporate industry-standard interfaces to help integrate your data warehouse into your enterprise and streamline data warehouse management tasks you perform every day. Such tasks include:

  • Moving massive volumes of data
  • Accessing multiple data sources in parallel
  • Improving your overall Teradata system performance
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Tools and Utilities


Load and Unload Utilities

Load and unload data from any source at any volume.


Workload Management

Manage your mixed workload data warehouse based on business needs and priorities. Optimize system resources to align with business criticality.



Full suite of management tools for the best-of-breed Teradata Database.


REST Services

Driverless Access to Teradata Database.


Analyst Pack

Analyze and tune your database queries for a higher level of performance.


Utility Pack

Efficiently address your core data warehouse administration and access needs.


Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions

Approach the complexity of SAP® analytics from a different angle to provide businesses with powerful BI.


Download Teradata Express Database

A free developer version of the Teradata Database, fully configured and ready to run. Evaluate, develop and test new features, theories or data.


Talk to Teradata

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Share ideas, ask questions, learn, and solve problems.

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Support capabilities and community resources at your fingertips reduce the time it takes to resolve technical issues.