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    Teradata Unified Data Architecture Enabling Software™

    Leverage all your data, from all your data sources.

Make Multiple Systems Act Like One 

Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ allows organizations to capture, deploy, support, manage and seamlessly access all their data from multiple data platforms. Through the power of Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture Software solutions, organizations can leverage data from multiple data sources such as a Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse, Aster Discovery Platform, Hadoop and other systems.

How Organizations Benefit From a Well-Supported Unified Data Architecture

What Teradata Software solutions do to benefit the enterprise:

  • Convert all data – big and small – into customer and business insights
  • Seamless data integration and easy management of multiple analytic systems
  • Laser focus on successfully harnessing big data analytics 
  • Interaction with multiple platforms within its analytical environment as if it were one system  

The Teradata Software Solutions that Make a Unified Data Architecture Work

The Teradata Software solutions that drive Teradata’s bold new Unified Data Architecture includes Teradata QueryGrid™, Teradata Listener™, Teradata Unity and Teradata Viewpoint.  

Cross-Platform Access to All Your Data and Analytic Engines
Teradata QueryGrid™ provides a seamless data fabric across new and existing analytic engines yielding the most intelligence from all of your data. QueryGrid instantly makes all processing engines operate as one environment. No other software gives business and IT users analytics power and access like this. Get to the business intelligence you need, when you need it, across multiple data platforms with one simple SQL statement.QueryGrid also provides instantaneous access to Hadoop and runs queries in seconds. It is the most advanced and user-accessible means for extracting big data value from multiple systems, data sources and types.

Teradata Connector for Hadoop (TDCH) enables applications, tools and programmers to easily access and move data within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™. This high-speed, parallel connector is available between Teradata and Hadoop, including Hortonworks, Cloudera and MapR distributions. 

Simplify Ingestion of Multiple Big Data Streams
Teradata Listener™ is an intelligent, self-service solution for ingesting and distributing extremely fast moving data streams throughout the UDA analytical ecosystem. Listener is designed to be the primary ingestion framework for organizations with multiple data streams. Teradata Listener™ is designed to:

  • Provide a self service solution for programmers that minimizes the complexity of building and supporting data streams
  • Operate as a central service to ingest and write 100s of streams into UDA
  • Reliably deliver data without loss; provide low latency ingestion for near real-time applications

Maintain Mission Critical Availability Across Your Analytical Ecosystem
Teradata Unity is a portfolio of four powerful integrated products that turn a multi-system environment into an orchestrated analytical ecosystem. The biggest benefits of Teradata Unity:  mission critical applications have assured availability; workloads are optimized across Teradata systems; and workload-specific platforms meet performance and scalability goals. The suite of four Teradata Unity products includes:  

  • Keep databases in sync, provide user and query routing between systems and synchronize databases and data with Unity Director.  
  • With new data loads from source systems, Unity Loader synchronizes data between systems. It keeps data on all systems up to date and prevents the need for custom loading solutions.
  • Copy data fluidly between systems, and experiment with the Unified Data Architecture environment with Unity Data Mover. It works with Teradata, Aster Discovery and Hadoop.
  • Get end-to-end management of a Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse, Teradata Aster Discovery Platform and Hadoop with Unity Ecosystem Manager. Monitor the health and management of the systems. Keep track of all the dependencies within and between the systems, and alert users to the status of queries, including latency issues.

A Web-Based Dashboard for Your Entire Teradata Analytical Ecosystem
Teradata Viewpoint gives each business user and system administrator a means to create a custom web-based dashboard of tools to manage the Teradata environment. It is self-service, allowing the user to include their needed tools within the dashboard portal.  It uniquely offers anytime, anywhere access to monitor and manage the Teradata environment. 

Related Teradata Products

Prioritize And Manage Database Queries With Teradata Workload Management
One of the biggest differentiators of the Teradata Database is its ability to give organizations the power to prioritize queries by user, purpose or query duration. Workload Management can also assign system resources, performance objectives or access times.  Teradata Workload Management ensures service level goals are aligned with business priorities. 

Get More from Hadoop
Teradata partners with Hortonworks to offer a ready-to-run Hadoop system that removes the hurdles of a Hadoop installation. The Teradata Appliance for Hadoop is the easiest way to implement Hadoop in an enterprise. Optimized hardware, high-speed access, enhanced software usability, Teradata's world-class service and support are combined in one integrated solution. Unlock data sources like never before with an enterprise-class Hadoop solution. 

Free Download Of the Teradata Database
Download Teradata Express – a free, fully-functional Teradata database that can be up and running on your system in minutes. Get this free pre-packaged, ready-to-run virtual machine now!
Free Teradata Express Download 

Right Platform for the Right Workload
Teradata understands that every customer’s requirements and workloads are different, one size does not fit all. That’s why Teradata has Workload-Specific Platforms, so customers can choose the hardware platform that meets solution requirements in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. All platforms run on powerful, robust, enterprise-class hardware and are fully integrated and supported by Teradata. 


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