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Free Evaluation Version of Teradata Database. No Kidding!

Explore and Evaluate What Teradata Database Can Do

Teradata Express is a free developer version of the Teradata Database that’s fully configured and ready to run. It provides an opportunity to work with the Teradata Database for evaluation, development, testing new Teradata features or new theories or data, and learning.

You don’t have to have a server to try Teradata Database or don’t have to know Linux – Teradata Express lets you deploy fully functional Teradata Database on your laptop using a virtual machine environment. You do not have to have a license for the Teradata Database either, and the evaluation period does not expire.

What Does Teradata Express Include?

The following features are available through Teradata Express:

  • Teradata Database with features like Teradata Columnar, row level security, Teradata Temporal, etc. are enabled
  • Teradata Tools and Utilities
  • Teradata Viewpoint
  • Teradata Studio Express


You will need the following to use Teradata Express on VMware:

  • Minimum 2.0GB memory
  • Minimum 13GB free disk space
  • 64-bit CPU
  • Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, or Mac OS Operating System

Minimum memory and disk space requirements vary based on the specific Teradata Express edition.  Please refer to the installation and configuration information available from the Teradata Express download page for more information.

Depending on your evaluation scenario and data size requirement, you can choose the right version of the Teradata Express.  Templates for different versions of Teradata Database and sizes exist.

Download Teradata Express  


If you are looking for a more robust and production-ready Teradata option for your virtual environment, consider Teradata Virtual Machine Edition.

Learn more about Teradata Virtual Machine Edition from here.

Download Teradata Express