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    Teradata’s recommended training paths are based on the job role you have in your company. Definitions for the standard job roles are listed in the table below . 

    Job Roles

    Teradata Job Roles  
     Database Administrator    Responsible for creating and maintaining the Teradata infrastructure. Duties may include runtime operation, capacity management and planning,  system monitoring and tuning, security, user definitions, configuration, backup/restore, and scheduling/execution of maintenance.
     Designer/Architect     Responsible for transforming business information requirements into logical and physical data models.
     Application Developer     Responsible for application development/maintenance and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL).
     Data Analyst/Data Scientist     Responsible for defining and creating analytical and discovery models for advanced data mining and “Big Data”.
     Business User     The Business User is the “consumer” of the data warehouse and typically is aligned with a business organization. The Business User may access  Teradata through SQL, a BI tool, Teradata Warehouse Miner or a specialized application.

    To become familiar with the curriculum most suitable for your position, please see the diagrams below. Locate your job role – the column below contains the recommended curriculum and course sequence (top to bottom). In the far left-hand column, the length of the course is displayed. If a title is also available in a self-paced format, that is also indicated.

    We understand that your responsibilities may include more than one of the roles listed. For example, if you have DBA responsibilities, but also do physical database design work, ensure your plan includes the core courses from both roles.

    If a class is designated as a prerequisite, it should be taken prior to classes further down in the curriculum sequence. For example, Teradata SQL is a prerequisite to Teradata Physical Database Design.

    Teradata Education Plan Overviews

    Teradata Education Plan - Americas
    Teradata Education Plan - International

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    Hadoop Analytics Training Overview

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    Teradata Database in the Cloud

    For companies deploying Teradata Database in the Cloud, please click here to see a matrix of recommended training courses. If you have prior experience with Teradata, simply choose courses for the products that you haven’t worked with before. 

    Teradata Aster Analytics in the Cloud

    For companies deploying Teradata Aster Analytics in the Cloud, please click here to see a matrix of recommended training courses. 

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