• Teradata Load and Unload Utilities

  • Today's growing data warehouses demand fast, reliable tools to help you acquire and manage data and flexibility to load large volumes of data from any source at any time. Challenges come from everywhere: more data sources, growing data volumes, dynamically changing business requirements and user demands for fresher data. Teradata Load and Unload Utilities bring you:

    • Quick access to data for more timely decision making
    • Solutions for the entire spectrum of load requirements from batch to near-real time
    • Unmatched scalability for large-volume loads
    • Fail-proof loads with checkpoint restart capabilities
    • Proven technology from the data warehouse technology leader
    • Integration with industry-leading ETL and ELT tools

    These tools provide a wide array of features that are efficient, scalable and flexible, allowing you to centralize data from disparate sources seamlessly into the Teradata system. They are fully parallel to provide optimal and scalable performance for getting data in and out of your Teradata Database. In addition, our utilities allow you to import and export data to and from host-based and client-resident data sources, including mainframe host databases, enterprise server databases or departmental data marts.

    Primary Components

    Teradata Parallel Transporter
    Teradata Parallel Transporter was designed for increased functionality and customer ease of use for faster, easier and deeper integration.

    Teradata TPump is a highly parallel utility designed to continuously move data from data sources into Teradata tables without locking the affected table. TPump provides near-real-time data into your data warehouse, allowing you to maintain fresh, accurate data for up-to-the-moment decision making. Use TPump to insert, update, upsert and delete data in the Teradata Database, particularly for environments where batch windows are shrinking and warehouse maintenance overlaps normal working hours. And because TPump uses row hash locks, users can run queries even while it’s updating your Teradata system.

    Teradata FastLoad is a highly reliable, parallel-load utility designed to move large volumes of data — collected from data sources on channel and network-attached clients — into empty tables in the Teradata Database. Execute Teradata FastLoad from any client platform, mainframe or load server — for automatic parallel data allocation, conversion, movement and loading that achieves higher performance levels.

    Teradata MultiLoad is a time-tested, highly reliable, parallel-load utility used to create and maintain Teradata Databases. MultiLoad optimizes operations that rapidly acquire, process and apply data to tables in a Teradata Database. For data maintenance, MultiLoad updates, inserts, upserts and deletes large volumes of data in empty or populated tables and works at the data block level for higher performance. MultiLoad runs on a variety of client platforms, operates in a fail-safe mode and is fully recoverable.

    Teradata FastExport is a high-speed utility that quickly exports large data sets from Teradata tables or views to a client system for processing, generating large reports or loading data into a smaller database. Like all Teradata load utilities, FastExport can export data to both channel- or network-attached client systems. FastExport also provides session control and data-handling specifications for the data transfer operations.

    BTEQ is a general-purpose, command-based tool that enables you to communicate with one or more Teradata Databases. BTEQ provides an interactive or batch interface that allows you to submit SQL statements, import and export data, and generate reports. BTEQ provides report-formatting options where queried data are formatted and returned to the screen, file or printer. Scripts are sent from the client to the Teradata Database where the actual process occurs. You can also use BTEQ to import and export data between your client and database tables. BTEQ’s streamed package format design ensures fast processing and effective resource utilization.

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