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The Simple, Affordable Solution for Flexible, Cost-Effective, and Scalable Ecosystems

Teradata IntelliSphere™

The Teradata IntelliSphere Portfolio gives companies all the critical functionality of an extraordinarily powerful analytical ecosystem — Ingest, Access, Manage, and Deploy — in one simple, subscription-based software license.

See How Teradata IntelliSphere Minimizes Complexity and Maximizes Capabilities.

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When you need to build a multisystem analytical environment, this flexible, affordable solution delivers:

  • Decreased cost of entry
  • Current and future market-leading software solutions for scaling
  • Simplified building and management with faster time to value, greater user adoption, and productivity


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  • Simplifies development and deployment of analytical and data management applications in the Teradata ecosystem
  • Provides a self-service data streaming solution to establish data ingestion processes
  • Simplifies the provisioning and management of analytic workspace within the production data warehouse for self-service BI and analytics
  • Incorporates a self-service data fabric that allows users to query and work on multiple environments simultaneously
  • Enables a holistic analytical ecosystem with web-based tools for monitoring, administration, and control of both single and multisystem environments
  • Provides automated orchestration of instantiation, configuration, and population of Teradata Unified Data Architecture ™ (UDA™) multisystem environments
  • Provides the ability to copy data and objects, including tables and statistics, between Teradata systems
  • Optimizes data streaming in and out of the Teradata database with unparalleled backup and restore speed

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IntelliSphere contains all core software required to Ingest, Access, Deploy, and Manage a Unified Data Architecture.

Teradata Everywhere

With the announcement of Teradata Everywhere, we’re giving power, flexibility and choice to our customers.

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A comprehensive software portfolio that enables the orchestration of your analytic ecosystem.