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Hadoop is a solution for storing and processing large volumes of data. It has attracted attention because it’s open-source and runs on highly-scalable clusters of commodity hardware. As a result it provides a low-cost approach to the practical challenges of handling big data.

Hadoop is highly effective in creating a ‘data lake’ to capture and store raw data irrespective of formats. One of the challenges of big data is that the many ‘new’ data sources have a format and structure that traditional databases are not well suited to handle. These include clickstream data from web sites, text files, machine and sensor data, audio, image and video files.

With Hadoop these data sources can be stored in their raw form, and then processed later when there is a specific need for them. This is known as late-binding. In a traditional analytical data environment, data is processed into a logical structure as it is loaded into the database; this creates order and understanding, but takes effort and cost to set-up. With the volumes of today's data and the complexity of their structure this approach is not practical for all data. Hadoop enables an organisation to capture all data and then only spend time and effort on creating structure as it is required, and where value can be identified.

Hadoop is most effective when it’s integrated into an enterprise data architecture to complement and enhance existing analytical capabilities. Teradata provides a comprehensive, fully-supported approach to Hadoop and is recognized by analysts such as Forrester as a leader in implementing Hadoop.

This capability is based on our exclusive focus as an organization of analytics, and of the practical challenges faced by organizations tackling ever expanding data volumes and increasing requirements from businesses for advanced analytics.

Teradata’s portfolio for Hadoop includes a 100% open-source distribution of Apache™ Hadoop® from Hortonworks combined with a comprehensive set of Teradata-developed software components that make Hadoop technology ready for the enterprise. Teradata includes software enhancements on:

  • Setup and Installation
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Monitoring and Manageability
  • Data Transformation and Integration
  • Data Security

The Teradata  Appliance for Hadoop is the easiest way to implement Hadoop in an enterprise data architecture. It combines optimized hardware, high-speed connectors, enhanced software usability features, and Teradata's world-class service and support in one integrated package.


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