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Make Location Actionable

Add location intelligence to your analytics for more sophisticated insights

Meeting your business needs

Geospatial BI

Add a new dimension to your business intelligence with geospatial analytics for more informed decisions. Learn More

Integrated Location Data

Integrate your location-based data into your data warehouse for a comprehensive, consistent view of your business. Eliminating silo'd spatial data marts will improve efficiency and reduce cost. Learn More

Accelerate your GIS with Teradata

Reduce processing times and generate faster responses to spatial queries with the massive parallel architecture of the Teradata Database.

Visualization & GIS tools

Get high-speed connectors to all the major GIS and visualization tools through Teradata's standards and specialized interfaces. Learn More

Comprehensive Geospatial Methodology

Save time and hassles by getting expert assistance to integrate spatial data and visualization tools into your data warehouse environment from Teradata Professional Services. Learn More

Compliant with the Open Geospatial Consortium

Make sure your implementation and tools are in synch with industry standards. Teradata supports the Open Geospatial Consortium standard, SQL-MM data types and analytics to get you started out right.

Powerful Methods

Teradata gives you more powerful options in geospatial. Thanks to the massively parallel architecture of the Teradata Database, you get high-performance spatial functions including spatial operators, relationships, transformations and measurements. Learn More

World-Class Partners

Combine Teradata's proven performance with our best-in-class technology partners for powerful geospatial analytics. Our partners bring complementary technology to the mix, including GIS, BI and data visualization tools to maximize location intelligence for your business. Learn More


"We're bringing analytics to the table that are showing people this information in a geospatial manner. It's a whole new view of work from traditional assets that are geospatially enabled, but now we're... relating the assets to the customers."

Paul Dick, Director of Enterprise Information Management, Oklahoma Gas and Electric

Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OGE) serves 30,000 square miles in Oklahoma and western Arkansas. Part of OGE's 2020 initiative program is getting customers to shift usage out of peak demand cycles, and geospatial data is a big part of that, as well as load forecasting.

The Teradata platform is the backbone for OGE's Smart Metering data and helps them understand the customer from an enterprise perspective. OGE leverages the Teradata environment building out the enterprise reporting and analytics with information from customer, supply chain and financial applications. Watch the video for more details on how OGE uses Teradata.

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