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Teradata Data Mart Appliance

Learn about Teradata Data Mart Appliance: Overview, Business Benefits, Features, Tech Specs, and Resources.


Leverage the analytical power of Teradata Database and utilities on a smaller scale at an attractive entry price.


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Business Benefits


data-mart-appliancePush the Types of Analytics You Do

Get agile analytics with incredibly fast parallel processing and rich in-database analytic capabilities. Teradata provides a comprehensive set of in-database analytics that leverage the database’s speed, while eliminating time consuming and costly data movement. The analytics range from data exploration, geospatial, temporal, and predictive modeling to emerging open source technology, big data integration, and development environments. Experience ultra-fast performance for your decision support and business intelligence.

Everything You Need to Start Generating Value

The Teradata Data Mart Appliance is the ideal entry point for those starting on the integrated data warehouse (IDW)  path supporting the full range of strategic and operational workloads. It’s simple to set up, easy to use, and its fully-integrated design means all components and software are tested and ready to run. While only available as a single node, starting out with this low-priced member of the Teradata Workload-Specific Platform Family enables you to migrate applications and data to more scalable Teradata platforms when your data or user volumes grow.

Cost-Effective and Versatile

The Teradata Data Mart Appliance is a departmental data warehouse designed to meet the need for a smaller, less expensive system. It allows you to leverage the power of Teradata Database and utilities on a smaller scale at an attractive entry price. The Teradata Data Mart Appliance was developed to run multiple applications or be used as a data mart or analytical sandbox. It is a cost-effective standalone data mart or a test and development platform for the  production IDW  as it offers similar capabilities, including full Teradata Active System Management (TASM).


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Industry-leading Teradata Database

Teradata Database is the most advanced, yet easiest and lowest cost-to-use database on the market for data warehousing. Based on MPP technology and designed from the beginning for data warehousing, Teradata Database provides the fastest query performance, the most intelligent optimizer, and the smartest features. The Teradata Database includes advanced capabilities such as hybrid columnar, temporal, and geospatial features while leading the industry with the data temperature based use of large memory with the Teradata Intelligent Memory.

High Performance Architecture

With a high amount of processing power per Terabyte of data, the Data Mart Appliance gives you fast query throughput. The software-based, shared nothing architecture delivers always on parallelism so even the toughest, most complex queries complete quickly.

Simplified System Management

System management is made easier with simplified platform administration, control, and monitoring through the single operational view of Teradata Viewpoint.


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Tech Specs


Leading Edge Intel® Processors

The Teradata Data Mart Appliance delivers high performance because it runs on leading edge dual Intel® Xeon® processors.

Enhanced Network Connectivity

High performance Teradata BYNET® V5 InfiniBand interconnect provides more bandwidth and a reduction in latency. Field proven BYNET protocol software enables high-speed, fault tolerant, optimized messaging between nodes and other Teradata systems.

Flexible, Enterprise-Class Storage

Multiple drive sizes allow you to configure your Appliance to meet your data capacity and performance requirements.

Teradata Data Mart Appliance 680

A complete integrated data warehouse solution with cost-effective system performance.

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