• Teradata Certified Professional Program Exam Results and Certification Verification

  • Results and Certification Verification

    The Teradata Certification Tracking System is a secure site designed for maintaining exam records, certification status, transcripts and credentials verification. After completing a Teradata exam at a Pearson VUE Testing Center, Pearson VUE will provide a printed hard copy Notice of Exam Completion. Keep this document for information needed to log into the Teradata Certification Tracking System. All Teradata Certification candidates can access the system by following these steps:

    TO LOGIN: go to the Teradata Certification Tracking System

    • First time login only: Choose the “Never logged in before?” link. Enter the email address used during exam registration OR enter your last name and exam registration ID. Both IDs are shown on your Notice of Exam Completion.
    • Set a Password: The system allows you to set a password.
    • Future logins: Use your Teradata (TDC) Testing ID and your chosen password.

    Teradata Certification Tracking System Features:

    All Teradata Certification candidates have access to the Tracking System and can complete the following from their record:

    • Update Demographics: Keep you your mailing address, email address, and company name updated in the tracking system. Use your Teradata (TDC) Testing ID when registering for additional exams.
    • Review Exam and Certification History: Verify that your complete exam and certification history is listed in one record in the tracking system. The system will not recognize that criteria has been met for each Teradata Certification level if exams were completed using different testing ID’s. Email certification.teradata@teradata.com if you do not see your complete test history.
    • Download Exam Results: Within 3 to 21 days, you will receive an automated email notification that your Notice of Exam Results is available.
    • Download Certificates and Logos: Electronic certificates, logos, and logo guidelines are available for Teradata 12 and subsequent tracks. Hard copy certificates are only provided for the Master’s certification.
    • Download Eligibility Vouchers: If you are eligible to sit for a Teradata 14 restricted access exam download your eligibility voucher by choosing the history link in the tracking system.
    • Create a Transcript: Easily create a transcript of completed exams and certification achievements to provide to employers and third-party screeners.

    Employers, prospective employers, and third party screeners - Each Teradata certificate is coded with a unique alpha-numeric verification code. Follow the steps below to authenticate credentials.

    Teradata Certified Candidates - If a printed certificate is not available or the code is not imprinted, follow these instructions to obtain your unique verification code for each certification earned.

    • Log-in to the Teradata Certification Tracking System
    • Click the Fulfillment tab at the top of your account page.
    • The unique alpha-numeric certificate code is listed under Verification Code.

    Creating a Transcript

    Teradata Certified Candidates - Easily create a transcript of completed exams and certification achievements to provide to employers and third-party screeners. Follow these instructions to create and send your transcript:

    • Log-in to the Teradata Certification Tracking System
    • Choose the Transcripts tab.
    • Select create New Transcript.
    • Select the option to display certifications and/or exams.
    • Set an expiration date to view the transcript.
    • Press Update/Confirm.
    • After creating the transcript, you will see that it is available to View and Edit. From this page you also have the option to share your transcript via, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Linkedin, direct email or retrieve a URL. Icons for this feature are located under the “share” column on the Transcripts page.

    For assistance or inquiries, please send e-mail to Teradata Certification Support at: Certification.Teradata@teradata.com