• Teradata Aster Certification Track

  • Teradata Aster Certification Overview

    There is an ever increasing demand for data skills. The Teradata Aster Certification track can showcase your skillset and maximize your competitive advantage in this growing field. Data scientists, DBAs and Analysts alike will benefit from Teradata Aster Certification. Prove your ability to leverage Teradata Aster’s powerful technology to extract value from increasingly complicated streams of data.

    Teradata Aster Certified Professional 6.10

    A successful candidate has knowledge of the core concepts of Teradata Aster. The candidate has the ability to determine which common analytical functions apply to common use cases and can explain the business value of the most frequently used analytical functions. The candidate can describe the overall architecture at a high level, describe the basic idea of SQL-MR, and understands basic relational database concepts.

    Required Exam