• Associate Exam

  • Associate Exam

    Exam Details

    Purpose of the Exam

    This exam will certify that the successful candidate has knowledge of the core concepts of the Teradata Database. The candidate understands relational database concepts, the major components, core features and functionality, security and privacy, and Teradata’s data distribution and data access methods including a basic understanding of Teradata Tools and Utilities. The candidate understands at a conceptual level how Teradata provides value (use cases).

    The Associate Exam — covers the features and functionality of the Teradata Database through release 16.00. This fundamental exam is ideal for all audiences. The recommended training and the sample questions are free of charge. You will also get your provisional exam results the same day of testing.

    Credential Earned

    Prerequisites, Eligibility Requirements and Recommended Experience

    This exam does not have any prerequisites or certification requirements. No Teradata Database hands-on experience is expected.

    Recertification Requirements

    The Teradata Database Associate Certification has a five-year expiration date. Maintain this certification by either passing the same exam OR earning a job role certification. Earning a job role certification will extend the expiration date of your Teradata Database Associate Certification.

    Exam Duration

    75 minutes*

    * The exam duration shown is the amount of time allowed for answering exam questions. The Test Delivery Provider may add time to your total appointment to provide the opportunity to get seated, read the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), complete the tutorial (if applicable) before you start the exam, and participate in a survey at the end of the exam.




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    How to Register

    Online at www.pearsonvue.com/teradata. Select exam: TDBL1:16.00 Associate Exam.

    Retake Policy

    A failed exam may be retaken after a twenty-one calendar day waiting period. The twenty-one day waiting period begins from the date of the failed exam attempt.

    You will be required to schedule a new appointment and pay for the exam.

    Candidates may attempt an exam a maximum of three times during a six month period.

    Exam Objectives and Section Weightings

    The exam objectives and section weightings describes the content and focus covered on the exam.

    Database Concepts — 16%

    • Identify the definition of the terms associated with relational concepts.
    • Identify the characteristics of a relational database.
    • Identify the characteristics of a dimensional model.
    • Identify the use cases for deploying a relational model.
    • Identify the use cases for deploying a dimensional model.

    Data Warehouse Architectures — 17%

    • Identify the high-level concepts of the data warehouse architecture.
    • Identify the major components of the architecture.
    • Identify deployment options for data warehouses.
    • Identify types of implementations of data warehouses.
    • Identify the flow of data in a data warehouse.
    • Identify reasons for deploying a data warehouse architecture.

    Teradata Database Architecture and Components — 21%

    • Identify the flow of data from source to consumption in a UDA environment.
    • Identify the purpose of the physical components of the Teradata Database.
    • Identify the purpose of the logical components of the Teradata Database.
    • Identify the features and benefits of the Teradata Database.
    • Identify the definitions of Teradata Database objects.
    • Identify space classifications and how Teradata uses space.
    • Identify the components of a table definition.
    • Identify how Teradata uses metadata and where the metadata is held.

    Data Distribution and Access — 19%

    • Identify use cases of Primary, Secondary and Join indexes.
    • Identify the impact the Primary Index has on data distribution.
    • Identify the differences between Primary Index and Primary Key.
    • Identify the types, levels, and functionality of locking provided by the Teradata Database.
    • Identify the purpose and components of the access layer.

    Security and Privacy — 13%

    • Identify user security mechanisms available to the Teradata Database.
    • Identify the features for managing user privileges in the Teradata Database.
    • Identify the functions and types of authentication in the Teradata Database.
    • Identify database privacy mechanisms available within the Teradata Database.

    Teradata Tools and Utilities — 14%

    • Identify common data integration techniques for Teradata and their uses.
    • Identify the features and functions of the administering and monitoring tools available within the Teradata product suite (for example: Viewpoint and Teradata Studio.)
    • Identify the common access tools available within the Teradata client tools and their uses (for example: Teradata Studio Express, Teradata App Center and BTEQ.)

    Teradata Database Associate Exam Objectives

    Recommended Courses

    The Teradata Certified Professional Program partners with the Teradata Education Network to provide Teradata courseware and curriculum that specifically relate to each exam. You can view course descriptions and schedules, and enroll online. Several courses are offered as free web-based training (WBT).

    Teradata Employees only: visit the Teradata internal TCPP Connections site for more information on recommended Teradata training. (You must be logged in to the Teradata network).

    Sample Questions

    Associate Exam sample questions are designed to provide an example of the format and types of questions on the Associate Exam. Sample questions are not intended to duplicate items on the exam. Associate Exam sample questions are offered free of charge and are not “scored” or tracked. Practice at your own pace and review the sample questions as frequently as needed.

    Access Teradata Database Sample Questions

    Documentation and Downloads

    Documentation: Search and access Teradata installation, programming, operations and service guides, and reference manuals.

    Software Downloads: are available through Teradata Developers Exchange to help you prepare through hands on application.